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Hi everybody, my name is Connor. I am a cancer survivor of 5 years. Throughout these past 5 years I have been devoted to helping the cause for a cure. I have participated in the Penn State Dance Marathon, a year-long money raising event for kids with cancer, and other cancer related activities. Now, I am trying to start a new Cancer Survivor's Network.

The new network will have many useful features for survivor's and those dealing with treatment. A section of the website will be devoted to survivor's stories. This is where you come in. I am beginning to compile the stories of cancer survivors, mine included. I know many of you in this forum are survivers.

If you have a chance, please email me at when you get a chance (cgm121@psu.edu) and let me know if you would be willing to donate your survival story. Thank you again for your support!

Connor (cgm121@psu.edu)

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my son is starting radaiton for hodgkins
he is done with the chemo and they said it worked.
he is very depressed laterly though to the point
of being angry.
is this part of it?? -- from everything he has
gone thru??
i am his mother and am concerned.
can the drugs they gave him do this also?/
did you have similar depressed feelings???

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I also had chemo and radiation for Hodgekins and the depression and anger is a part of the process especially for someone who is used to being active and vital, its hard to feel the degradation of your body and its frustrating and scarey, but just support love and remind him that the strength comes back and so do your looks, hair and vitality. Remind him to keep positive and look towards the future and look up some support groups with other members or survivors of hodgekins and non-hodgekins lymphoma.

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This is a reply to the mother (Werkheiser) of the son who is depressed. I am a survior of Hodgkins, I was 19 when I was told and now am 24. I feel like I went through the journey with a blindfold. So much was not explained or told... Lack of knowledge? I don't know. But I want to re-assure you and your son what he is feeling right now is perfectly NORMAL. I went through it to, your son has been through an extremly emotional and physical experience I don't know how old he is but it's hard to feel so weak and dependent on someone else, especialy if your a teenager and trying to spread your wings. The other part of it is something people call the 'chemo crazys'. It's a reaction to the intense medication he has been givin. It is starting to exit his body and now he needs to re-adjust. I was pretty depressed for months after and I couldn't understand why? I should be happy and thankful, right? Well I hear a lot of people feel depressed right after chemo, it should pass. Listen to your son, ask him what he's feeling. Don't be afraid, if he needs some space that's ok to. I know you're worried but somtimes people (kids) need time to sort there feelings by themselfs, sometimes they need mom's shoulder to cry on. Have faith because you sound like a wonderful Mother and he is lucky to have someone like you to support him.
You can email me if you want to chat some more

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As a mother of a twenty five year old, I understand what you are saying. My son was told on Feb. 2002 that he was in stage four hodgkin, after 6 months of ABVD, and being in remission for two months the cancer came back. After a lot more chemo and a stem cell rescue (a month of hell, but not as bad as we thought) the PET test confirmed more cancer, My son will be starting radiation in May for 5 days a week for 5 weeks. He has a hard time talking about his feelings, and often just wants to be alone. Anti depression medication seems to help, A primary Physian can help prescribe the right kind of medication. I wish you well in this long sometimes harsh journey as you both walk into recovery.

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