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chat tonight? 9:00 est.

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I have never had a chat on this website. I thought that was what this website was all about? If anyone wants to chat tonight meet me there at 9:00 est. I would love to hear from you.

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Will that be 10:00 CST? I never can keep that straight! LOL hummb

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Hummb--it is an hour EARLIER for you than EST, not an hour later! It would have been 8:00 p.m. for you! Sorry we missed you. Three of us made it!
Till next time...

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Will try to keep the eyes open for a chat but working full time is zapping me with my exercise to boot. Hope you find many that meet you for a chat, something that doesn't happen to often it seems, one can sit for hours by herself. LOL
Hope to catch you on the flipside my dear.

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We were there---where were you? Three of us made it!

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