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Hello Ladies!

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Dear All,
I am going to church today and later this eve I will be going into the hospital.... Pray that everything goes well and what happened was a one shot deal. Anyway I will check the board before I go in. I am not rushing to go if you know what I mean....... Love You All
Gods Grace
Love Cathy

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Hi Cathy! My thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope everything turns out well and you will be home real soon. Keep us updated! HUGS!! Cathy(in NY)

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Here's praying that it WAS just a one shot deal, a 'pop quiz' of sorts. You know one of those incidences that occurs just to remind us who comes first, where to keep our faith, and just do a little 'faith analysis'. These quizzes are, I think, God's way of just saying remember the trials I have brought you through, I'm still here if you need me. In the mean time He gives us 'pop quizzes' to keep us on our toes. Keep the faith and go out and share with others the glory of God! God bless. hummb

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