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Dear Maggs,
I will not only have my church pray for you, I am getting the Big Guns to pray as well. I thought about you quite a bit annd ofcourse I prayed for you too.
By stating the Big Guns { really powerfull people who are truelly annointed} They have always been there for me, and that combined with my own faith in The Ultimate Physision have kept me here after all these years! I believe strongly with all my heart that Jesus is not ready for you yet..... He has a plan for you, and you have given me so much in the brief time we have been talking. I feel as if I have a beutifull Sister in the Lord. I love you Maggs, and you are'nt going anywhere soon. If you like you can always email me at ....nativeind@hotmail.com.....Half Irish and half Indian{Sioux}.....People always ask why my email address is unsual...... Hope your Christmas was a very nice one..... Oh it was snowing here in Va too! Was'nt that cool? I thought it was nice to have a white Christmas for a change.
I love you my Sister and I will always be there for you. It would be really cool if you lived in Md, because perhaps we could hook up someday. I would really love to meet you! I will understand if you might feel a little leary about it, but I would love it myself..........................
Gods Love Joy and Peace for You Always
Love Cathy

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Thanks for the prayers, Cathy! Perhaps the BIG GUNS will make the difference. I will keep you posted on this. Dug out through the ice today...
Love, Maggs

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