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To All My Sweet Sisters:

Wishing each of you a wonderful holiday season and an especially happy New Year:

May your dreams come true,
May your days be blessed,
With love, peace, healing,
And much happiness!

For all that we share here,
For all that we go through,
This is my heartfelt wish,
Each day, the whole year through!

Love, light and laughter,

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Hi Ink,
I agree so much with your beliefs about the holidays. I got a very special gift yesterday that was truly priceless. I've had surgeries since 2000, this 12/18/02 being the most recent. My life prior was very full and I am a massage therapist that enjoyed being mobile and self-employed. Being this sick, moving, not being able to work and having my life upside-down not sure how it was going to land has been a bit much.
Well, as a licensed professional I belong to national organizations, kept up my continuing education credits, and I am listed on the internet. Out of the blue, I received two calls requesting my professional services for a date when I will be back to my healthy self again. One was from one of the nurses that tended to me in Oct, and the other from a snowbird coming down in Feb. This is the beginning of rebuilding a practice and out of all the people they could have called they called me. Each of us hope for a sign or omen that things will be okay, well mine was in the form of two phone calls. It is nice to rejoin the human race again and be a contributing member. Everything you wished for us in your Peace poem has already come true for me. Thank you.
Hugs, Iris

Posts: 706
Joined: Jul 2001

Oh, Iris, I am so happy for you!. Such good news! So many times, the best things seem to happen right out of the blue like that. I know you're just thrilled that your "omen" arrived! Thanks for sharing it with me...it was a wonderful gift!

Keep that great belief system of yours...it has served you well through so much and will continue to do so. Isn't it amazing sometimes how life can seem so full of challenges, twists and turns and suddenly, we look up and the blue sky is there, the birds are singing and we know, beyond doubt, that we'll be ok, no matter what happens! Even when it's difficult, life is still an amazing journey, indeed. Always something new to learn and discover...and if not always silver linings, at least a soft place to land and the strength to hang on tightly when the ride is wild.

Keep us posted on developments when you begin rebuilding your practice...it sounds very interesting.

Love, light and laughter,

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