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Interferon treatment

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I was hoping to hear from those who have been on (or are on) the Interferon treatment for melanoma. I've been on it for about 2 months now, the higher dose daily infusions, and now the 3 days a week shot.

I've struggled with initial weight/appetite loss, although both are coming back a bit recently. My biggest problem is with overall fatigue. I know excercise is importatnt, but it's that catch 22 right now.

I would love to hear from those who have gone through this.

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Hello Alan,
I haven't been on CSN for some time but I am sorry you have had no replies to your ?. Please go to this site and subscribe to this list. You will find hundreds of people who are fighting Melanoma and can answer your questions. If you need help with the list, write me at hpydncr@earthlink.net.... listserve@maelstrom.stjohns.edu....then in the body of the email message type: subscribe mel-l and your first name and last name. Good luck. Linda Talbott

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I do not have any first hand experience however I am scheduled to start my treatments May 11. The doctor I am working with has put me on Praxil to prevent depression side effects. I understand the fatigue and barriers to exercise. My melanoma was on the ball of my left foot, it has been 5 months since diagnosis to treatment, I am still hobling around. The only thing I can think of is to set really small goals that you can build on. Short walks, basic streching and dumpbell exercises. Is there any way to get an exercise partner ? Maybe with support you can get something going. I wish you the best.

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Hi Jim.... Just wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma May 10th of this year and was in surgery three days in a row for wide excision, Mos? procedure and reconstruction surgery. My incision ran from behind my left ear to the middle of my throat. Started Interferon Alpha July 1, at 3 mil, 3 times a week. Will start Sept. 1 at 12 mil, 3 times a week. It has been interesting so far. I have been blessed and there is no evidence that the melanoma has spread anywhere else. If you want to compare war wounds or battle plans, please e mail me at connieb1168@msn.com! Will be glad to share.

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I did the interferon treatment last summer..it drains you no doubt but I found walking helped..I started teaching aerobics 30 days after the month long treatment and during the 3 times a week shots..it was hard but I did it..you can too..try to eat cancer fighting foods and increase your faith..

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My husband is doing interferon treatment right now. This is his 3 month of injections at home. He is doing well, just the fatigue, hasn't had any loss of appetitte, maybe a lb or 2 weigh loss. He does 20ml a needle, 3 times aweek. Did have a period were he was very restless that was right after he did his 4 wks. of chemotherapy. He is on a pill that is working very well. We all have to get though this so you hang in their. They keep good track of the liver and blood count.Wish you luck in your treatment. We live in Manitoba (Canada). Take Care Sleepless

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Hi Alan, I am just starting shots. Did you have any long-term difficulties?

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