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Here's wishing all you ladies not just Happy Holidays, but the ability to maintain your sanity during these last 48 hours to countdown. All this work, then in a flurry of bows and paper flying everywhere it will all be over.
You know I don't think St. Nick is such a jolly old fellow after all. No, I've decided he's a sadistic old fart who's laughing at us for running around all over the place, buying gifts people don't really want, spending money we don't have.
As sly as the devil is I'll go as far to say he came up w/ the santa idea to take our focus off of Christ. Besides what sense does it make to tell our kids to believe in jolly old St Nick, who they find out later doesn't exist, and ask them to put their faith in God after we have innocently 'lied' to them about santa claus?

No offense intended to anyone, I'm making my last minute dash too. Just waiting for the COLD RAIN to slack up and thought I'd share my twisted view of the holidays!
This is hummb with a backward but brazen belief
God bless all, and to all a blessed night!

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You made me smile, thank you I needed that!!!
sending Love and Hugs just because, and Prayers because we all need them.---Flo

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It's the SPIRIT of Christmas we believe in. Too bad it doesn't last all year. The spirit of giving without receiving anything back is like unconditional LOVE. But I have a mug for the holidays that you'll appreciate: If I act merry, please slap me!
This year I gave more to the canned goods drive and neighborhood charity funds than last year. I hope I'm practicing true charity. Giving to the children is true charity, too! Hope you are having a good holiday, Hummb! God bless! Maggs

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