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stomach cancer- my mother

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My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer about 5 weeks ago. She had surgery and they removed 2/3 of her stomach. They found the cancer in 34 out of 34 lymph nodes that were removed. Now she is gearing up for chemo and radiation therapy to begin in 2 weeks. She is really having trouble eating. She gets pain and feels like she will throw-up. She also gets depressed often. I am worried for her as is the rest of my family. Does anyone have any insight that may help us. The doctors tell us things to try but I would like to hear from someone who has been through it what may help her to get the right mentality and mood so that she can gear up for the treatment. She is only 58 years old and we of course are destroyed over this. Any input as to how I can help her would be greatly appreciated. I know we are not unique but we love her so- I wish someone could help me with methods to boost her mood and to help her fight.

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Hi Heatherfig,
When did she have her surgery? My mom had her surgery last Tue. 12/10, got released on Monday, 12/16 and we readmitted her on Thursday 12/19 because she had some blockage perhaps due to swelling. Check out my reply to your reply to me below. Never hurts to check everything out. Another thing I've done is totally reached out to my family and my mom's friends and send them email updates to let them know to call or visit my mom. I'm also building a web page for the family too. I actually sent out an email the day after my mom's surgery, and she then got 30 arrangements in her room! It kept her busy just memorizing who sent what arrangement. I also have asked everyone to especially avoid using certian phrases, and to use encouraging words for her to get better. I also totally avoid the estimates of how long the doctors think she has. My answer is: it could be short, it could be long. But regardless, if you want to visit or call, do it sooner rather than later because then you can also do it often. My mom has also been a little uncooperative with me about her diet because she thinks I'm nagging her; but I think it's finally sinking in that she has some influence over her destiny. Thankfuld.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I'm going through the same thing. They didn't remove any of my moms stomache, but they put something called a stent in. It's a tube that goes from the stomache through the blockage to the intestines so that soups and very soft purees can go through. My mom was throwing up everything for 3 weeks until they put this thing in and now she hasn't vomitted OR felt sick for 10 days - which is just fantastic. The stent is not a cure, but it sure is helping my mom feel 'normal' again.
Good luck.

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Hi: I had stomach cancer and had my complete stomach removed. They made me a pouch out of my intestines. This has been two and a half years now. I was unable to eat, anything, for about 5 months. I just couldn't eat, it hurt, made me throw up, and just down right sick. The doctor put me on a supplement, TPN, and administered it through my port a cath. That truely saved my life. I was able to gradually start eating again, until I could get enough calories to go off of the TPN. My doctor also gave me medication for depression and that did help. I tried to surround myself with positive people and thoughts. My best of luck to you and your mom.

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My mother-in-law had her entire stomach removed 2 years ago. She would love to correspond with someone else who has experienced the same thing. She would like to know some foods that you can eat that won't make you feel so sick. Thanks

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Hello Jean,
My husband has had the same thing done. He has no stomach and they removed part of his esoph. this was done in Aug. of 2003. I am very interested to know more about your recovery and if you still in allot of pain. I'm not really sure about the foods to eat yet. We are going through that right now. My husband has lost allot of weight and is down to 115 pds. from a yr ago. He was weighing 220. He is very fatigued with no energy at all. We are going to try the TPN Supplement. I'm not sure if that's a very good idea. If you know anything about that i would really like to know if this is safe to do or a good idea. Has your MIl. had this before? and how old is she. My husband is 38 when diagnosed and is now 39. we are in remission but still trying to figure out what will make him live. Yes, he is alive but not living. Please get back to me with any kind of answers I would really appreciate it. what about diarhea does your MIL get d. when she eats to much. and is she on Lomitril. this is a medication for diahrea. Please get back to me. I would really appreciate it. I can also be reached at.
Thank you

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Hello Njcahill,
I am very interested in knowing more about the TPN Supplement. I'm not sure this is a good idea. but, i'm just trying to help my husband and keep him alive. I had asked the Drs. about this treatment. The drs. weren't really going for the tpn suppl. I had to push it. I'm kind of scared cause i really don't know anything about this treatment. I had read your story and was amazed and am just really going by your story and how it saved your life. I hadn't heard of anyone else using it. My husband has lost over a 100 pnds. is weight is at 115. as of last thurday. My husband is 39 yrs old,and is not gaining any weight. Everything that he trys to eat gets him sick. right now we are trying to get him to eat 6ozs of portions at 3x a day. I'm trying really hard to get him to eat. We are really scared and trying to keep him alive.
I just wanted to Thank you for your story it really helps to know that we are not by ourselves....

I can be reached at Chrsmtya@aol.com or ChristineXMontoya@kp.org

Thank you I will be waiting for you response....

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