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Lung carcinoid tumor

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I am 48 years old and was diagnosed with lung carcinoid tumor. Underwent surgery 3 weeks ago and had a lobe removed. Has anyone else undergone this, just needed to talk to someone about how long this recovery seems to take. I don't know anyone who has had this or gone through this.

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Hi Ruth, my best to you;
I was 50 when I had my left lung removed. That was on May 2nd, 2001, 19 mo.'s now cancer free; I remember the first 3 to 4 weeks being the roughest, I had issues with the pain med.'s, they really upset my stomach, but I absolutely needed them. That lasted for about 4 to 5 weeks; Breathing was a bit tuff at first, I was a heavy smoker; so I needed ox. on occasion for about 3 weeks. hated it but used it, especially at night; and had a cough which would make me hit the ceiling,so I had a pillow under my arm all the time, Again, first few weeks, at 6 weeks went on vacation to Costa Rica and did some hiking in the rainforest; It wasn't easy but I was determined to live! At 3 months went back to work; Still have occasional pain, take aspirin and of course still have breathing issue's, but getting better; also, check-up's every 3 months can be nervey but gets better with time; I have a web page with details;
be well and know this too shall pass!
Bob Mc

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Hi Ruth,Yes I have had lung cancer 2 times, and the first time they removed 1/2 of my left lung and the second time (different cancers) they removed a little better than 1/4th of my right lung. The first time they went in to me like they were gonna do heart surgery, they went through the chest, my scar starts just under your adams apple and goes to just above my navel. With that it took me about 6 mos. to get real comfortable doing any lifting and riding in a car over bumpy roads. The second time they went in under my right arm pit and either prized my ribs apart or broke them, it didn't take nearly as long to get over that. Anytime they go into you no matter where it is, its no fun. Are you gonna have to have chemo? I didn't either time, so I can't help you with that. I was 53 when I had my first surgery, in 1987 and the second time was 3 1/2 yrs. later. The first cancer I had was adenocarcinoma, and the second was Large cell carcinoma
I would love to hear from you.
Betty Jones jodnns@aol.com

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Ruth....I had my left Lung removed in'85 and in '92 had a wedge-re-section done on right lung(2 different Cancers)remember meds helped:reemaining calm helped the most.The second surgery was the most difficult:operating on the only Lung was a feat for the drs....I never had Chemo or Rad....,but everything has gone pretty smoothly with time...I am a singer:still sing and teach voice lessons!Take oxy....occassionally and have a Nebulizer ...I think with Time the quality of life improves....Hang in there. Mimi

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Hi At age 49 I had the upper lobe of my left lung removed March 1st of this year. I had nsclc, stage 1. The surgery was through my back and the cancer was tucked into a hard-to-get place and the incision was longer than they expected it to be. I feel the doctors don't tell you necessary things for the recovery period. I'm sure they don't want to scare people. But to be prepared and have some things that would make you more comfortable would help. I have a two story house and my shower is upstairs. I really enjoyed having a shower dailey. We purchased a stool for the shower, which helped. Also nair foam for shaving legs, (I couldn't reach some portions of my legs, since it hurt to stretch my arm, helped me. It was atleast a month before I could sleep in my bed. I couldn't get up very well once I was down, unless I had help. I slept in my livingroom on a recliner (not reclined), couldn't get out once it was reclined.
Probably the best advice I can give is to take your pain meds and don't try to skip any and always take them on time. Don't let them run out before you take them.

I felt that my recovery was slow, for some reason I expected to get out of the hospital and go home and feel fine. I sure don't know where I got that from. Finally at about six weeks I started feeling alot better. At 7 weeks I went back to work. I didn't have to have chemo or radiation, I was lucky.

Just hang in there and try to be positive, I know sometimes it is hard, but it does get better!!

I hope my story will help you. If you want to talk, my email address is bushwacker2002@modempool.com

Good Luck

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I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor also. I had a wedge resection on the 23rd and the pain is getting better, but way too slow for me.

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hi!! i am 38 years old and was just diagnosed with a carcinoid in my rll lat week. i underwent a bronchoscopy because of 2 bouts of pneumonia that were difficult to treat. my doctors were really on the ball. i am a nurse and did not think that 2 episodes of pneumonia were a big deal. the dr visualized a mass during bronchoscopy and biopsied it. came back as a carcinoid. looks to be pretty typical. very small about 1/2 centimeter. i'm freaking out though. i am having cat scans this tuesday of chest abdomen and pelvis. and will see a thoracic surgeon on friday. i live in the northeast so i will be going to the uniiv. of pennsylvania hospital. i have no symptoms (i think) of the syndrome. not looking forward to the surgery. can you give me some of your history. thanks and take care. i hope you have a speedy recovery!!!

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Hello my name is Charles I am 31. I on nov 22 had my comlete right lung removed due to a carcinoid cancer that was 7 cm ( about the size of a golf ball) The cancer was found by a chest exray showing pnemonia turns out that the cancer had completely blocked the entrance to my right upper lobe. Luckily because of the nature of carcinoid It didnt get into my limp noids and am now cancer free. The surgury was painfull after words but (right thorocotomy/ Right pnumonectomy) and removel of my right 6th rib
I tend to push myself and got up and walked the day after sugary then made it out of the hospital by thanksgiving!!!! It is a painful recovery and wish you the best it is good to push but dont push too hard or it makes it worse.. Now I am on no meds and have been looking for work here in CA any questions are welcome..

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My Husband has just recently found out that he has a carcinoid tumor on the right lung about 1 cm. He has to undergo a lobectomy prob 1/3-1/2. I cam very scared and he is very positive. I know the recovery will be long and painful, but how long did it take for everyone to feel better and how is the breathing for everyone?

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