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I just found out last week that I have osteosarcoma in my right knee I have already started having alot of tests ran and doctors appt. everyday. I go monday to set up my first chemo treatment and to get my pickline put in. I could really use someone to talk to right now who understands I am 24 and it is my understanding this normally accurs in younger peolpe so I have had a hard time finding someone to talk to that can answer my questions. Please email me at aalysse4@aol.com Thank you so much.

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Dear recently diagnosed: I am the mother of a son who had osteosarcoma when he was 13 and then again 2 years ago when he was 20. I know more about this disease than most doctors and nurses do because I have been by my sons side through it all. I know how frightening it is right now and my first suggestion to you is to just take one treatment at a time. Don't look too far ahead -that is when you can get totally overwhelmed. Please write to me if I can help you in anyway at all. My son is now 22 and is doing incredibly well. My email address is Sml536@aol.com Please write osteosarcoma in the Re: area so I know it is you writing. I wouldn't want to delete it thinking it is a stranger. Take care and just do not ever, ever give up the attitude that you can and will fight this and survive this. YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!!!

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Hello. My name is Mary and I'm 25! I learned I had Bone Cancer a month before I tured 22! I've been in remission for a little over 2 years and I'm scared it will caome back i would just like to talk to someone that might know a little of what I'm goin through! Thanks MaryMc1979@yahoo.com

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I had two battles with osteosarcoma and I have been cancer free now for almost 11 years. I just found this site , I would be glad to give you someone to talk to . MsDeltaRebel@aol.com

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I am also fairly newly diagnosed, and I am 21, so I understand how you feel. Its a little uncomfortable to sit in an oncology waiting room with a group of little kids and their parents. I also had osteosarcoma in my right knee. I had to have major reconstructive surgery in Aug., and I'm still going through rehab to walk and function normally. I haven't been given any chemo as of yet, but its not out of the question for the future. I was wondering if anyone else had successfully beat osteosarcoma without chemotherapy, since basically all of the postings I have read here have been from people who have had to endure chemo. Thanks for your help!

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I was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma back in 1967. I had my right leg amputated. Three lung surgeries and then went 20 years without a reoccurence. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. I would be very interested in talking to anyone who has had something similar happen to them. Thank you.

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I was 25 when I had my osteoscaroma in my right femur. Because of the high grade of the tumor I was given the chemo. If it was lower grade "found earlier" I would not have had chemo. I was told the lower the grade the less likely it could spread. You are lucky because chemo is not fun.

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My side of this story is different from most, it's not me that is suffering from osteosarcoma but my best friend. Right now everyday is a different day we don't know if he will make it through this yet, but I'd like to share his story. He is a normal 15 year old guy and loves basketball with a passion and plays all the time so when a sore knee started he didn't think much about it and we all told him to just work it off. But after months of pain he decided to see his doctor. They found a egg sized tumor between him knee and femur but they figured it was a sports related injury and didn't think much about it but we were still scared. He then went to see a specialist and under went a biopsy and they got our hopes up and said it didn't look like cancer. That gave us a sliver of hope but days later it was ruined they were wrong and he was diagnosed with cancer. Right now he is under going chemo treatments and is pretty sick, the possibility of him losing his leg is high but we have to have faith. I ask everyone will keep him in your prayers and hope he will get through this.

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I completely understand what your friend is going through. I was 15 and three weeks into my freshman year when I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my left knee. I was an avid track runner and went my whole 8th grade track season with pain in my knee. They thought it was sports related. Eventually the pain in my knee became too much and I finally had an xray done. It was cancer. I have had 9 months of chemo, two knee replacements, and 14 surgeries. BUT I am 11 years cancer free now. Not going to lie. The road ahead for your friend is going to be long and hard. Keep standing by his side and being a friend. That's what I needed most during that time of my life. It helps more then you will ever know to have someone you can count on. I have full range of motion in my leg. Wishing your friend all the best and remember to laugh. Find humor in everything. It helps. If your friend ever has any questions I'm here.

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I was diagnosed with parosteal osteosarcoma of the right femur when I was 26. I had major reconstructive surgery (femur resection and reconstruction). I never had to have any chemotherapy. It has been 14 months since my surgery and so far, there is no recurrence! I did physical therapy for 10 months after surgery. I am still having a lot of pain in my leg and am awaiting a second opinion regarding the pain. What type of surgery did you have and are you still having pain??

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I had a knee replacement and have extreme pain in my joints and leg as well. What are they saying your pain is from?

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First I am so sorry!! It's not easy and the shock of the it is over whelming.
Very first thing you want to do is find an amazing surgeon! Mine saved my leg. Check CHOP or Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. This sucks but the first thing you have to stop worrying about ins. and money!
Dr. John Healey at Sloan Kettering is my surgeon and Dr. Meyers is my oncologist.
General Sloan number is 212-639-2000. Try and get in with both. They are wonderful.
If your looking at CHOP they only accept adults in the pediatric ward 22 or under.
Good luck, and please get in touch any time. By the way I'm 30 now and walk perfectly. I do have some pain and maintanence drugs, but otherwise live a relatively normal life.
Best wishes!!

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Hi - you can talk with me any time about sarcoma/implants, chemo. I've been there & done that. My cancer has not taken the normal course, so I don't want that to scare you. I am cancer free right now.


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