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Had a RP Oct 21. Catheter was in 8 days. 12 hours after catheter was removed I got a slight fever, which Cipro took care off. Then, a few days later a stricture formed and now I have to catheterize myself twice a day. Not in the least bit fun. Has anybody ever had a similar problem?


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    I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulty. No I have not had such an experience since my RP. Has the Dr. indicated how long he expects this problem will persist?

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    Sorry about your problem. I can certainly sympathize with you. Thirteen weeks ago I had Iodine 125 seeds implanted into my prostate. Ever since then, I have been unable to urinnate on my own. Immediately following the surgery, I had a penile foley catheter since it was determined that I had a stricture in my urinary tract. After 7 weeks, I was switched to a suprapubic foley (abdomen entry to bladder) since I was still unable to go. I am 57 and have had BPH for perhaps 8-10 years but never had a problem uninating or any prior prostate surgery. Now at 13 weeks I still cannot uninate on my own except for a few painful dribbles--nothing approaching a stream. I take flomax and proscar. Hang in there. Paul
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    urethral stricture
    Just to let you know, strictures can be repaired. I have had one for as long as I can remember and was finally sent to a urologist at Detroit Receiving Hospital who runs their urologic reconstruction center - Dr. Santucci. On Sept. 8 I underwent surgery to repair the stricture and so far it is very successful. There are other centers around the country that also do this surgery, I just happen to be close enough to Detroit to drive. Surgery was outpatient for me, but some stay overnight. If your stricture persists look into a repair job. I am now facing prostate cancer and possible surgery, and I am looking very hard at suprapubic catheter use after surgery rather than the foley because I don't want another stricture!
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