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My Esophageal Cancer

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On October 30th of this year I was diagnosed with Stage I esophageal cancer and am receiving radiation five days a week and chemo one day a week. The prognosis is very good; in fact, I think the tumor, which is in the center of my esophagus, is just about all shrunken now, but I'm having a side effect in the form of chest pain from the radiation treatments, or which I have 24 yet to take of the 36 which were prescribed for me, plus the six chemo treatments, of which I've already had three. I've read in a booklet that I was given about radiation treatments that this side effect of the radiation is normal, so I just took some Advil to relieve the pain and am otherwise feeling pretty good, just somewhat depressed from time to time, which I guess is also to be expected. Surgery is an option, but only an option, and is not being recommended. My cancer is the result of acid reflux disease, which I've had for 35 yrs. now. As you may have heard, over time, it wears away the lining of your esophagus and is a precursor to cancer. Anyhow, I would love to correspond with people who have had or are currently receiving treatment for this type of cancer and to know how you're coming along or if you've completed your treatments, how you are feeling and how long you've been a survivor. My e-mail address is: dmewm@tampabay.rr.com, and my name is Dena. Thank you.

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Hi. Please check out "www.ecaware.org/cafe/" and "www.acor.org" and search for esophageal cancer. Lots of good links and support. Bruce, in San Jose, CA. (triebold@telocity.com)

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Dear Dena: I read your letter my heart truly goes out to you with your cancer. I was also diagnosed with esophogal cancer also caused by acid reflux. Mine was located in zone three of my esophogus. Unfortuantely for me mine was way beyond treatment adn required the surgery to repair. I underwent surgery on Dec 19. All went well obviously and no cancer was found anywhere esle in my body so far ( whoooooooooo hooooooooooooo ) so it looks good for me. Any how i woudl like to corespondback and forth with you as i have had one cycle of chemo so far and i am abou tto start chemo and radiation both. I did not take well to the chemo and ended up in hospitol with severe dehgydration from vomitting and diaherra as well as a yeast infection in my throat ( did not know that was possible) extremem mouth sores and a nose tha twould not sop bleeding. yup this old boy did not do chemo well at all huh. Oh well one good thing here i am still alive and ready for stage two. Well anyhow my name is mike and i am 48 and live in michigan if you would liek to talk more i am wildermc@hotmail.com. take care and best wishes to you Mike

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