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2 yrs. later

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It's been awhile sense I've been here, and I want to touch on a few things I'd like You all to know. I am A surviver of Squamis cell with the primary found on the back of my tounge. I went thru 40 rad. treatments along with amifostine (I think thats how you spell it) Also had a lymph taken from the rt. side of my neck. The one thing to watch is your teeth, there is a prescripion floride you can get from your dentist, In my case I didnt know about it and wasnt offerd it and I lost all of my teeth as a result. as for the mouth sensetivety, ketchup would burn my mouth and I just wasnt hungry. I went from 170lb to 113lb (now I wonder why I didnt get a feeding tube) They gave me Marinol (pill form syth. marijana) I didnt give me the munchies like it did other people Ive herd from. Its been 5 months sense they yanked my teeth and I'm still healing from that but I've gained back 40lb in that time, but yesterday I learned that my thyroid is failing that meens meds. for life. O-well thats a small price for life, right guys! Thanks for listening. M. Lewis 38/M/K.C. P.S. I couldent of done this with out Wende who went thru 2 Yrs. of Hell. Thanx.

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I finished my radiation in Oct. of 1999, had 63 treatments. You are right about the Gel-Cam for your teeth. I have been using it since the begining and have had no problem. Sounds like you are doing great, hang in there and it gets better.

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