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Thanks for sending me your message re: herceptin. Was your original cancer in the lymph nodes. Mine isn't however, I had invasive breast cancer at stage 3. This would be a blind study so I may not actually receive herceptin. This takes an additional
year of treatment. I'm still confused. What do you mean by bone mets? Toni61

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My original tumor was in my right breast, very aggressive, unusually so. It was not there on exam in April, the size of a lime in June 2000, and yes I had 13 out of 27+ lymph nodes. I was ER+/PR+/and had a mod to strong expression of HER2NU that is why I asked for the herceptin, in my mind it can attack the tumor cells and prevent them from spreading. Bone mets mean that the tumor went to my bone. August 2001 we found a tumor in my right arm, a lump in my left breast and in 9/01 a tumor in my low back, in the spine. I realize you may not get the herceptin in the study, but you will get the chemotherapy, and you sure won't get the herceptin out of the study, unless it spreads because its 'not indicated'. Like I said I'd do it if I were you. God bless, hummb.

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