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Dear Friends.
Especially to those of you that are post menopausal: Have any of you ever had polyps in the uterus that caused some bleeding? My oncologist sent me to my GYN when I told him of some unusual bleeding (haven't had a period in 7 years). The GYN did a biopsy and said everything was okay, but that I had a polyp in the uterus that he is 99% sure is benign, but strongly suggests that I have it removed within the next few months. I sure would like to have anyone's input that has had or knows someone who has had this problem, and how it was dealt with, and any other problems that arose from this.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I do pray that each of you will be richly blest by God.
Love and hugs, Brenda

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Hi Brenda,
I am just writing to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I haven't had any problems like that but my sister-in-law did and she had them removed and was fine.Remember we are all here for you and and Jesus holds you in his hand AMEN!!!!
God Bless

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Brenda, put your mind to ease. I think what your doc is referring to are fibroids, they can get large, and they can cause some heavy bleeding, but RARELY (as he said 1% of the time) are they malignant. Take his advice and have a hys, probably the sooner the better simply for your own peace of mind. God bless, hummb

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Hi Brenda,

In fairness to Hummb, I think she missed the 'post-menopausal' for 7 years.

People who have had fibroids and/or polyps and trouble before menopause often find that menopause causes them to shrink. These do NOT appear after menopause - and not after 7 years. It is said that any bleeding after menopause is suspect.

Do you feel up to a hysterectomy? - you are on tamoxifen - yes? - Tamox. can cause uterine cancer. And don't let anyone suggest a vaginal hysterectomy where the ovaries are left and the surgeon can't have a good look around - abdominal is the way to go - if it's done at all.

Giving you information based on friends' experiences. Wishing you a good report and praying for you - and sending some hugs, too.

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Whew, Jean glad you picked up on that one! Absolutely right, POST menopausal bleeding is suspect! and I'm with you a total hys was for me the way to go. My doc did leave my cervix as he said findings show reduced risk of prolapsed bladder if cvx is intact. Wondered about that one, but oh well at least uterus and ovaries are gone. Good luck Brenda, still am going with optomistic diagnosis and pray nothing to worry about. Hey, like I say, when in doubt, cut it out. Slice it, dice it, put it in blender but when it's in me DON'T nick it. TAKE IT OUT WHOLE! Just my opinion. God bless hummb

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Hi Brenda:

I didn't see that you mentioned anything about a hysterectomy...just that your gyn wants you to have the polyps removed within a few months. Did he say that removing them would necessitate a hysterectomy? That's a somewhat major surgery, from all accounts.
And should be considered carefully.

If that IS your doc's recommendation, I'd at least get a SECOND opinion about it.

My Mother-in-law had polyps as she approached menopause. As several of the ladies mentioned, they can cause heavy bleeding. She had hers removed but didn't have a hysterectomy and did just fine with no further problems.

I don't know very much about this subject and don't know anyone else who's experienced it, but I think you'll want to proceed carefully, learning all you can, before deciding which course is best for yourself. If the lesions can be removed with a simple surgical procedure, why would you want to go through a complete hysterectomy? Unless, there's absolutely no other option.

Having had bc can render us overly cautious but we have to remember that many, very good gyn's are sometimes too quick with the scalpel when it comes to the female reproductive organs...particularly when they feel we're past our childbearing years. Just think it through. Even though you're menopausal, your ovaries are still functioning at a low level. Just proceed with all the education you can gather and with care. BC or no, I wouldn't want to quickly consent to having parts of myself removed that are giving me no problem. Particularly, if the doc's cannot fully justify it.

You said that the gyn was 99% certain that your polyps are benign, after doing a biopsy.
Why is he not 100%, if the pathology was done properly? Was there a path report made
available for you to read?

These are questions we all deserve to have answered to our satisfaction. YOU, however, are the one who must be comfortable with what's going on. I think more conservatively, (sort of a "when in doubt, don't" kind of person) in general, but hope my thoughts may be of some help to you, from a conservative minded point of view.

Most of the larger book stores have some excellent books on menopause, which deal with the polyps, fibroids, bleeding problems, etc. and I'm sure you may gain some further insight regarding surgeries, need for surgeries, etc. in some of them.

Good luck and please keep us posted on what's happening.

Love, light and laughter,

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