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unknown primary

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I have had cancer treatment for squamouscell with an unknown primary.I had a neck disection and it really sucks. Anybody with the same want to talk.

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Skippy, My husband had squamouscell also, he had a neck disection on the right side of his neck on 5-21-02. They found the primary in his tonsil and removed it two weeks later. He has completed 39 radiation treatments and 4 chemo. He is finally on the road to recovery. It is a long haul but you will make it and just always keep in mind to take one day at a time and that you will get better. I truly wish you the best and if you need any moral support just drop me a line. Judy

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Skippy & Judy,

I've gone through this, too. My cancer, metastatic squamous cell carcinoma, was diagnosed in January, 2001. They found the primary during an exploratory procedure in February. I went through the whole gamut of chemotherapy & radiation winding up with surgery (neck dissection) in July, 2001. I've been dealing with all the affects of the treatments since then but I'm cancer-free. It's been a long, very hard road but if I can do it so can you all. Write back to david@crispinfo.com any time.

Take care and stay strong.

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I had surgery on my neck and have completed 15 of 35 radiation treatment. My present problem is that I have totally lost my taste and everything tastes like crap. Did this happen to you and if so, how did you handle it? Could sure use some suggestions. Having to force myself to eat. Thanks

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Hi! I know what you have been through and what you will continue to go through. You can e-mail me at pennyshaver@caltel.com I can help you.

Penny Shaver

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I have had the same and still going through radiation treatment. Tomorrow I will have my 16th and must have a total of 35. I have totally lost my taste and it is a real *****. Do you haave any suggestions on what might taste somewhat descent. I would appreciate any help. Thanks - Paul in Ormond Beach, FL.

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I agree with you neck dissection is really awaful and to be avoided if possible I had it and there was nothinmg wrong with them I feel so mad about it

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How was your cancer found? According to MD Anderson I have unknown primary, squamous cell, and was assigned to a thoracic, head and neck person. My cancer was in an axillary node in my left armpit. Usually an axillary node means breast cancer. I'm curious as to whether anyone else with squamous cell, head and neck, had an malignant axillary node. No scans have shown any cancer, although there are two very small places on my thyroid glands. They haven't been biopsied. Thanks. Marilyn

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I have metastatic squamous cell in both lungs.
I had a malignant axillary node in my left armpit 8 years ago. It and subsequently, many others were removed from the area. Unfortunately, there was metastasis to the lungs which was found via CT Scan. I hope you have gotten a second opinion with regard to diagnosis and treatment... Let me know if I can be of help in any way. Ray

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