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test results Ok

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Hi everyone, talked to my Onc.today, CBC, Bone Scan and CT Scan are all fine. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster all week, mainly because the person taking my bone scan kept asking me if I was in pain. I kept telling her no. She must have asked me 3 times, took extra pictures, made me nervous.Got some arthritis in my back and ankles which I had for some time.
Well anyway, all is well for the moment, no guarantees. Doc. will watch me closely, I will have to keep my Medi-port in and have the scans done again in 6 month because this is my second BC within 4 years. Each BC was caught early, stage 1, so I have a lot to be thankful for . There are times I get a little dicouraged but I know I am not alone. All of you are a great support, your hugs, thoughts and prayers have helped me, I will always do the same for all of you. I thank god for guiding me through this, may he bless all of you too. Best wishes,prayers and hugs for all of you, keep the faith and believe ..... Love Emmi

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Hi Emmi!
Congratulations on your good results!!!
I can definitely understand why you were alarmed when the tech kept asking you if you were in pain! I would have been too.
I remember when I had my bone scan that the tech did ask me where I had pain. Maybe your tech just wanted to be clear on which parts of your body she needed to focus on, so she could perform a more thorough scan.
I hope your 'rollercoaster' stays at the top!
Take care...

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Great news! Keep the faith and don't worry, none of are guaranteed more than today anyway, BC or not! Glad you had such great news, makes for a great Thanksgiving! God bless, hummb

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