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need to talk

Posts: 2
Joined: Nov 2002

Just looking for someone to talk to. My husband is getting ready to go through another reoccurance of NHL. He made it through his tem cell translant but now it looks like it is back. I'm having a hard time

Posts: 2
Joined: Nov 2002

My name is Scott and I am also a caregiver for a loved one.
My girlfriend has been diag. with metastic head and neck cancer. She was given 6 months 10-09-2002. I signed on as her primary caregiver and hope to be by her side till the end.
I am also looking to chat with someone in the same position I am in. It appears that there are not too many people that chat here.
If you know of other sites that offer chat I would be greatly appreciative of a link or address to their site. Or we can chat using A.I.M., my screename is "CMorford".
Hope you are dealing with life as it is and staying healthy.
My email address is CMorford@aol.com

Posts: 3
Joined: Nov 2002

My wife was diagnosed with Type B Cell lymphoma one year ago, and is now in her 12th chemo session, her third regimen. I share your experience. We were hoping to have her treated with a stem cell transplant, but her cancer is too aggressive. If you want to chat. I am available.

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