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Suspicious mass on ovary wait 6 months ?

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6 weeks ago a < l centimeter mass/cyst was found on my left ovary. I waited six weeks and then repeated the transvaginal ultrasound. The mass/cyst was unchanged so my GYN is recommending I wait 6 months and repeat the ultrasound. My CA125 is normal 6.5. 5 years ago I was diagnoised with breast cancer. Before I was diagnosed I had a suspicioud mammogram and told to wait 6 months. The repeat mammogram and biopsy confirmed a 3 centimeter lobular cancer. I have had surgery and chemo. Needless to say...I am not feeling very joyful to hear the wait 6 months plan again!!!

My father died from colon cancer, his brother from cancer of the pancreas, and my grandmother from uterine cancer. I have breast cancer and so does my paternal cousin. .....Should I get a second opinion at a regional hospital from a gyn oncologist. Should I demanded a biopsy from my gyn? I am not good at trusting when my instincts are alerted!

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There is no harm in getting a second opinion from a gyn oncologist. They are more experienced with this. Thats what I did and thats how I was diagnosed. Hopefully it will be nothing to worry about, but at least you'll have some peace of mind. Its your body, and no one knows it like you do.
Good Luck,

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I would get a second opinion. I was diagnosed on 6/29/02 with stage IIIC ovarian CA. Hardly any symptoms (only one strong episode of abdominal pain in 5/02). I was originally told by an ER md I had the stomach flu and treated as such. Like you, my instincts were alerted. I went to my PCP (my doc). She did an pelvic ultrasound and found a 11x5x5 mass which turned out to be the ovarian ca and had surgery from there. If you don't feel right about what you are being told, follow your instincts and get it checked again. Different healthcare providers have different opinions.

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umm..NOOO!! I had gynos tell me for about a year that the 'mass' in my abdomen was a fibroid tumor (ultrasound results) until I found a logical, understandable gyno that recommended a ct scan. The ct scan showed that 'mass' was actually on my ovary, a week later I went in for a hysterectomy. This gyno also had the sense to involve a gyno-oncologist who recognized during the surgery the tumor as cancer and took EVERYTHING. Luckily we caught it at stage II but if I continued to listen to the nonsense I was being fed, I'd still be sitting at this keyboard with a tumor that weighed over 5 lbs. Please, please don't wait. If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, see another one, get pushy -- you must!! Do it now so you don't have to spend useless time worrying.

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I 'soullight!' BTW, I really like that name. In my emails I use "Oblomete Soaring Spirit" as my name.
I just got on this website this morning, so I just read you email. I do so hope that my this time you've gotten a 2nd opinion -- and possibly a 3rd opinion! From my own cancer experience I know that the word we most hate to hear is "wait." I also know that ovarian cancer is not something to "wait" on. So if you haven't done anything yet, PLEASE find an oncologist who will listen to you, and will agree to do a biopsy NOW.
I'd really like to hear where you're at now. Why don't you write and let me know, all right?
Sending you my love,
Oby Thomas
Naperville, IL

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Hello My name is Sarah I had overian cancer, my mom had untirun cancer we both had surgery my cancer weighed 8 lbs and was the size of a grape fruit. I think if i were you i'd get a seconed opion my dr was good to me. We are still both alive and doing good now. I had went through chemo and lost my hair but it did come back i'm gad of that, I was very stuberan at first but now i'm glad i went through it now. my e-mail address is Cutworlf3567@aol.com good luck on what you decide to do. Sarah

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Please do not wait! Get a second opinion right away. If cancer runs in your family, go to a regional hospital and let the gyn on staff know that you want a biopsy done right away (Just in case your local gyn won't do it). You as a woman know yourself pretty well. Fight for yourself your health and your peace of mind and get a second opinion. Keep on fighting for your health.
Keep the faith
God Bless

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Did you go for a 2nd opinion by a board certified gynecologic oncologist?? With your family and health history, that is not a bad idea.

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