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Herceptin + Taxol

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Currently about to finish my course of taxol with herceptin for secondary breast cancer in lungs, liver and bones. Feeling quite scared about this - anybody in a similar situation. I am from the UK and am taking part in a trial with both taxol and herceptin together

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I know someone who has been on this treatment also for metastases as you and is doing quite well.

You don't mean the infusions together, do you. I think she gets these at separate times. Both can be taken indefinitely, it seems especially the herceptin.

Wishing you good luck with it.
I was in your beautiful country three times. Nice memories!

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I've got bone mets last rad 10/01 treated w/ taxol, last treatment 4/01, currently on herceptin since 8/01. Strongly recommend if you are HER2NU DO NOT discontinue the herceptin. I believe anyone with a mod to strong + HER2NU should be on herceptin BEFORE the metastasis. Here in US I will take it the rest of my life, or till they come out with a cure. Thing is with a trial study, do you know you are getting meds (both) and will they let you continue the herceptin? Email me if you want to talk more. God bless, hummb

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Haven't done this treatment, but hugs and prayers are coming your way. You WILL get through this!! God bless, Cyndi

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Dear Goosey
Haven't had Herceptin yet but had just about everything else for mets in lungs & bones. I feel for you when you come to the end of a treatment. While you are actively on treatment you feel you are fighting but feel helpless when in the wait & see stage. Hang on in there & just hope for the best. We are all with you.

Love & hugs


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Dear Goosey:
I am the one Jean was telling you about. I have had the same mets as you. I was diagnosed in May 2000. I am on my third round of Taxol. I have been on the Herceptin constantly except for a two month break this summer. So far, this treatment has been keeping everything under control. How many treatments have you had? If you would like to contact me personally, please feel free, my e-mail is:

God bless you. Brenda

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