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We Need HOPE!!!!

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My husband was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer 11/20/02 it has spread to his liver, bone, and lymph nodes. Please offer hope, we would like to hear from anyone that has survived this. Thank-You -- or email address if jwinberry@charter.net

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Hello, sorry to hear your diagnoses. I have stage three lung cancer and I am 34 years old. I can only share my experiance(sorry i'm a bad speller) I have gone through no surgery because of the stage, but chemo and radiation, and still in chemo. It was also in my lymph nodes in my neck. So far so good for me the treatments have done well for me and hope to be in remission soon. There are so many things they can do now and many wonderful meds they can treat with. There is a new pill out for advanced lung cancer, have they mentioned that to you, what type of treatment is he going to undergo? I will pray for him and your family, please keep me posted. email: aircece1@aol.com God bless.
Jkeen (jackie)

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Hello Jkeen!
Is the new pill you are referring to Iressa? Is there a different one? My mom was recently diagnosed with stage IIIB and is classified as advanced. She starts radiation treatment this week.


Sherman (Son of mom diagnosed with lung cancer)

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I am also interested in the name of the pill for advanced lung cancer.


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