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Hey you all,
I am still here...going crazy with my 2 little ones.. My older one has chronic ear infections..driving me mad...SKylar is doing wonderful though so that is sooooo helpful. I am so sorry I don't get on as I did before..you all have always been sooo helpful to me and even mentioned all the support I get from here on a talk show I was on thru this site about Pregnancy and Cancer.
Anyway..I start Radiation next week, was expecting it anyway so was no big suprise to me when the doc recommended it. I want to do everything possible to have this cancer gone.
I hope and pray all of you are well and I think of you all often.
Take care,

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Hi Angel,

So glad you updated us on your life. I keep you and Skylar on my prayer request list, so will add your older son too. My younger son, now 24, had chronic ear infections and bronchial asthma when he was younger too. I know what you are going through. Thank goodness when he was 8, they removed his tonsils and no more ear infections! Just wanted to say "hi" and glad to hear you are doing well. The radiation should be a piece of cake after chemo. Get your rest and try to keep up your appetite and all should go well.

God Bless,

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I have been thinking of you and your little family. I am so glad to hear Skylar is doing well. Got to learn to calm that mind of yours honey. I can't imagine what it would be like to have two little ones while going through your fight. Glad to hear from you, know how busy you must be. Just know you are close at heart and on our minds. Say hi to the kiddies,

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Hi Angel...you'll sail through radiation! Other than some skin irritation, and fatigue towards the end, it wasn't bad. And, as far as fatigue, if you have kids, you know what that's like anyway, right? LOL!! Let us know how you do with it. God bless, Cyndi

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Thanks for updating us Angel! My kids had lots of ear infections too. Hang in there, they do grow out of it eventually! Good luck with rads. Take care!

Peace - Diane

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