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cronic breast infection (pagets )

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sore nipple, itching and rash, small humps surrounding the area. I had a biospy 2001, nd was told it was cronic infection. has anyone ever had this problem? I am concerned that it may be pagets desease. Please e-mail me at tmtsmetc@wmconnect.com

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It's scary to have these kinds of things going on.

What did your doctor recommend, following the biopsy in '01? Any follow up plan, etc.?
Were you treated for the infection then? If so did it get rid of the problem for any period of time? Have you seen your doctor since then? Had a mammogram, annual pap, etc.?

I've read that with Paget's disease that the skin of the breast begins to look a bit pitted, (it's called peau d'orange)as the pores look sort of like an orange peel.

I'd get to my doctor straight away. If the doctor who treated you previously has allowed this "chronic infection" to go untreated, then you may also need a different doctor! Anything with the breasts or the female tract and I'd first want to see my gynecologist. Whatever you do, don't delay in seeing a good doctor who can get to the bottom of it and treat it or whatever is needed to get a sound diagnosis and know exactly what it is.

Good luck and please let us know what you find out and how it goes.

Love, light and laughter,

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