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Bladder spasms

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My husband had prostate cancer surgery a little over a week ago. He has a catheter. Two days ago he started having what the doctor said were bladder spasms. A small amount of urine is pushed out his penis, past his catheter and causes intense burning pain. The doctor gave him Pyridium for the burning and Ditropan for the spasms but neither one seems to help much. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Does your husband have permeant catheter or will it be removed shortly.??? Had catheter for 4 days after seed implant. It took several weeks for normal activity after it was removed due to the inflamation (burning) and generally invasive tube which created problems in itself but, over time they minimized or disapeared. Still on Cardura for minimal straining feeling and sense of still having a full bladder. I also found changing my diet (check with your doctor) that certain foods made burning worse.

God Bless and let me know if I can help?
Joe Nutter

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Thanks for replying. Something has alleviated his problems for the moment, either taking the Ditropan or stopping the Pyridium. Catheter comes out Monday. It's always good to know there's light at the end of the tunnel.
We wish you good health in the future.
Kathie and Bob

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I had a great deal of problems with spasms, as did a very good friend of mine. At first, they started when I would stand up, but eventually it didn't make any difference; I could get them anytime. They were VERY painful and, I think, caused me a delay in recovery. Once the catheter was removed, of course, the spasms ceased immediately. These spasms, I think, will be what I remember most about the surgery. Prayer helped alot, however.

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