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Son of mother diagnosed with lung cancer.

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My mom had her biopsy last week. She met with the doctor Nov. 19th to discuss the results. It was confirmed that she has non-small cell lung cancer. The actual description was T2-N3-MO. I believe this means the tumor is at stage 2, the lymph nodes 3, and the cancer has not matasticized. If anyone out there can explain what this means based on their knowledge and/or experience I would appreciate it. My mom goes back to the hospital (Roswell Cancer Institute) on Thursday to discuss the type of Chemo. she will undergo. Surgery is not recommended at this time. My dad broke down in the hospital today when the doctor confirmed the diagnosis. I would like to give him encouragement. However, it's difficult without knowing a lot of the facts concerning the stage my mom's cancer is currently in. All I can tell him is to have faith. And I know that is something he has a lot of. My mom is a very strong woman. She has been very tired the past few days. It's hard to tell if it's from the disease or her being stressed from all of this. I think it's a combination of both. Anyway, I'll stop writing now. I know I've talked too much already and I apologize. I would really appreciate any thoughts on what I have descrbed as my mom' current diagnosis.
Thanks and GOD BLESS all of you!

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Hi son, first let me tell you that nsclc is very treatable from my personal experience with my cancer. I have sclc and it is known for metastasizing or spreading . Tell your Mom and Dad that you can all get thru this with faith and support from each other. It just means so much on this journey, but with support from Family, friends, and others from this site your Mom will come thru with flying colors! There will be times of sickness but every treatment will bring her closer to remission and cure. If I can be of any help just let me know. Mike , e-mail address: handle@nauticom.net

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Thank you so much Michael. I will make sure she reads your message. I'm sure she will be encouraged. I will let you know what type of chemo. she will be getting. I may have more questions. Thank you again.




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