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going back to college

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I am a long term survivor, 37 years. I am seriously thinking of returning to college at some time in the future. Are there any other survivors out there that have also done this and what where your experiences. Was it harder or easier the second time around. Did you find the system to accomidate you regarding late effects?
How did you feel about being in with a younger crowd and did you feel accepted?

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Hi Sparcky,
I can't help you too much, except I think you should go for it, and try and get back into college. Being only 21, and not having been out of education, its hard for me to say too much. On the other hand I have noticed with the course I am doing (Architecture at the technical university in Eindhoven (TU/e), The Netherlands) that older people have found it harder to mix in with the rest. On the other hand, most of these people were about 50 or older, so for you it may be very different. My mum though went back to uni a couple of years ago, and she was quite well excepted by other students, despite her being as old as their parents. I have found that here, at the TU/e, that they don't treat me any differently to other students, who haven't had cancer, but then I don't have as many problems with (late) side effects as others have had, so I wouldn't know if the system would be able to accomodate them, but I can only assume that such things are in place.
Hope all goes well

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Hi Tom
its taken some time to get use to using this new format. First time I have ever met any one in the chat room was tonight. They set me straight on how to respond to comments here. I think I have it right now. Slightly delayed but Happy New Year.
Thanks for the feedback. Talking to several people
here and had some good feedback, although not from other survivors. Mostly from people I know through the support groups that I belong to.
Im still open to any other input from other survivors

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Hi Sparcky,

I am also 30+ year survivor of cancer. Although with the various late effects from treatment I now have I can't imagine going back to school. I did go to graduate school about eight years after my initial treatment at 21 and I didn't get in the first time around because of my cancer history. I know times have changed and such discrimination would not be tolerated but I still worry about these things. You can always reach me at zame@earthlink.net
Linda Zame
HD 1971

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Hi Linda
I spoke to the people at the college and they did indeed say that they can make accomidations for me. It will not be until the fall but I plan to do it.
A parent of a child on treatment, I met at a conference once told me that it was up to us long term survivors to set the standards. They would all be watching. Never before has there been so many of us, so this is indeed true. Reading the board I see that so many of us have done many of the things that they (experts ) have said we would never do. Lets prove them wrong once again.

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If you are intrested in going back, go!!! My mother returned to collage at the age of 50. I myself am an 18 year survivor of ALL (age 24) and I'm waiting for student loan approval so I may return for a BA. Most Uni's are quite supportave of their students needs, and are willing to make appropriate adjustments to meet them. Good luck and much success to you and your endeavors !!! sorcharose

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