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New to Group/Stage IIIB/VI NSCLC

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I was diagnosed at the end of August of this
year. I've had 3 infusions of Carbo/Taxol and get a CT and Bone Scan on the 19th of this month to see what's what. I've been reading your posts,and so many of you are so
brave and positive. I think I'm being positive, and I think I'm a fighter, but I cry everyday. I have a 13 year old son, and I desperately want to see him grow up.
Any words of wisdom, inspiration etc would be greatly appreciated and welcome. When I'm not so down I can be a cheerleader to you to.........
God Bless and Thankyou for Listening.

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My diagnosis in April was much as yours. I just completed six chemo treatments but had to back off the taxol with a substitution of taxotere because of neuropathy development. You are going through an emotional upheaval and tears would be natural. I have two adult children, so I know I would be even more distraught with a child who still needs daily guidance. You will feel more in control as your treatment progresses...seek support from local groups and don't hesitate to ask for help or ask for information. The fact that you started chemo shows that you are positive and brave and a fighter. I would be happy to answer any e-mail and exchange information. In the meantime I will include you and your son in my prayers. Margaret mbnevada@aol.com

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I don't understand where your cancer is, but with a 13 year old son you have a lot to live for. I know its hard at times to have a positive attitude but you just jhave to do that. I'v had Lung cancer 2 times once in each lung and they gave me a 13%chance to survive, that was in 1987 and again in 1991 I just wouldn't give into it. I can tell you that it wasn't always easy,but you can do it.
I would love to hear from you. My email address is jodnns@aol.com

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I also have stage IIIB and a 13 year old son along with a 6 year old daughter, we will survive and we will be there for our children. you have to believe and have faith in God. If talking helps I will be happy to talk or chat with you the more support the better I believe.

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Hi Janet -
Welcome to our little group, of which NOBODY wants to be a member.

I can only speak for myself - 62 yr old male in RI and Stage 4 - but I believe you need to decide real quick if you are going to let this thing dominate you or if you are going to dominate it. Its a state of mind.

Taxol is good so I hope you get a good readout at your cat scan the 19th. I've been at this for 22 mos now and am on the experimental drug - Iressa.

You can contact me direct at xxtomo@aol.com any time you want. Good luck.

Tom O

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hi tom,
my mom was on taxol and carbo at the same time and after 3 treatments it stopped working. you have been on taxol for 22mos, how often do the drs do a cat scan and was this part of a maintanence program? how has is been going with iressa? this is encouaging news, thanks, lynn

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going on 24 months now. iressa was good for 10 months. try all herbal sources. good luck

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i was very encouraged after i read your news. 24months! did you have to exhaust the chemo before you started the iressa? what would you recommend for herbal treatment?

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I just read your note of 11-17-02. That's wonderful that you have been able to fight this disease for so long. My mom was diagnosed a couple weeks ago with NSCLC that was described as follows; T2-N3-MO. As you probably know, this is considered an advanced stage. My question to you is what stage were you first diagnosed with? What/where is your treatment being sought? I only ask because my family and I want to keep all options open for my mom. She is actually treating at a hospital with a great reputation (Roswell Cancer Institute). However, I know of others such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering and M.D. Anderson. I would appreciate a response at your convenience. Thanks and GOD BLESS!


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Hi Janet, I have sclc and am in remission since February. I also have two children who are both in school. I know what you are feeling but, let the bad feelings go and look to the positive. The treatment is bad but every day you will be closer to remission and just keep thinking positive. Don't lock out friends or family , they are with you and want to help. Also include your son in this journey, he too needs to understand what is happening and also wants to help anyway he can. If you keep a positive outlook you will beat this beast. Godbless, Mike feel free to e-mail for discussion or advice. Handle@nauticom.net

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Janet, I also have stage IIIB lung cancer and a 13 year old son and a 6 year old daughter, I am new to this site so bare with me. I have done chemo and radiation and currently in chemo again for final treatment. will hopefully be in remission after my next chemo on Dec. 9th I have been fighting since April 2002. I will and so will you beat this I am determined to see my kids grow up and their kids as well, trust in God and he will make this alot easier for you to deal with. I also have my down days it is easy to get down and hard to pull yourself back up, but you (we) can do this and whatever else God has in store for us, would love to talk more, here is my email
aircece1@aol.com please feel free to contact me the more support and faith the better you feel. It helps to know you're not alone.
god Bless Jkeen (Jackie)

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