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thyroglobulin levels

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Hey everyone.....I have to go see my endo doctor in a few weeks. My thyroglobulin level was elevated...any idea what this means? I heard that if you have your thyroid out and are managed ok with medication that it should be very low.....presence of the hormone indicates malignant tissue. Just wondering what people know.

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I just returned from having my blood drawn to test for thyroglobulin levels, among other things. Thyroglobulin is thyroid protien, and yes, following a complete thyroidectomy & on medication, these levels should be very low. The lowest level the test can read is "less than .5" [parts per thousand]- that's the reading we want. My understanding is that elevated levels are a flag that there is thyroid cell activity, though not necessarily a malignancy. The flag would likely put further testing into motion to find out why there is thyroid cell activity. Having had papillary thyroid cancer, I also want no thyroid cell activity. Blessings!

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