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Dear Sisters,
I am currently on radiaton and not doing too poorly, but have a very big concern. I've noticed a lump on the scar of my partial mastectomy and I'm scared. I know that it should be the scar tissue and not anything malignant since I am in therapy, but I'm still paranoid with this cancer thing. I will have it checked tommorow and need all the prayers I can get. Aside from that my WBC is 3.5, which is a big drop in a month and also concerns me. Has anybody else had any of this happen?
Stay well.

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I freaked when i found a lump on the same side of my mastectomy and it wasnt on my scar. It turned out to be scar tissue from the drains and nothing to worry about. They kept stressing to me how it was sooooo unlikely for me to get a lump while undergoing radiation in that area. i would ask them, but know how slim the chances of it being anything are. you can do this. you have got through so much already. Stay well and take care of you...

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Dear Jenn, as soon as my breast was well enough after lumpectomy I examined it. I too freaked I thought "well #*@* he didn't even get the lump out!" Needless to say it was scar tissue, thank God. After my 2nd chemo treatment wbc was .5! I got sick of course, ran a fever, had to go to ER, after 3 tries they got an IV. The MD did labs said if wbc was

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Hello Jenn, After reading your post, I thought about the radiation period of my recovery and wanted to tell you that I never had a CBC while in radiation therapy. Of course while in the Chemo phase, I got a CBC every week. My white count dropped to 0 while on the A/C but came back just as fast as it dropped. I was lucky that I never caught anything but I also was very careful. My husband washed his hands so many times, he nearly washed the skin off....And this sounds extreme, but I wiped the doorknobs and many surfaces with clorox wipes everyday. I carried them in a baggie and wiped my hands down after touching doorknobs and pens everywhere I went. You have had the lump checked as I write this and feel very certain that you found it was scar tissue. I have some scar tissue in the incision made for the lymph node removal. We will always worry about everything unusual and worry that it may be the cancer. I am recovering from a sore throat and had my GP reassure me that there was no cancer in my throat. (thats how bad I am) I wish you well. Nancy

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Hi Jenn...never had these things happen, but will be thinking of you, and will say some prayers. Let us know what you find out. God bless,

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Dear Jenn
I dont want to alarm you or anything but please please PLEASE have it checked out as soon as you can. I had the same thing. Was 5 weeks after my surgery (I had the reconstrution started at the same time) I was at a plastic surgeon apointment when we discovered a new small mystery lump. My plastic surgeon did a biosopy in his office right then and two days later came back positive. My husband thought it was that they missed something in the first surgery but the Doc swears it was a recurrance. I had already returned to chemo and had one treatment when I was back in surgery to remove the second discovered tumor. BTW I lost my reconstrution job and the transplated skin from my back as well. Was very big sit back. MOre than likey it is NOTHING but is best to know for sure!
I wish you the best of luck and God Bless you in your journey

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Yes it seems allot of us do have thickening of the scar areas and I have quite a lumpy area I have always been concerned about because I also have pain in the same area. No one else is concerned and that is all I can do. I bring things up and if they warrant further testing then the doctor does it otherwise I have had to get use to allot of things that have changed since having two mastectomies. Your blood can drop to nothing and still most don't get into any troubel. I did go into the hospital with a straff infection after 2nd chemo and 3 months after having surgery. I was there for 8 days trying to get count up and finally they did. I feared going into the hospital something like hummingbyrd, but I did and made it back. Please stay on top of things and tell your doctor about your concerns whatever they maybe. Keep on Keeping ON Girlfriend. Hang in there your almost there.
Be good to yourself,

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Hey Tara,
Thanks for your encouragement and support.
Stay well,

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