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Babette (Tram Flap) does Yoga

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Thought I'd mention that I've started taking Yoga lessons. Today was my 2nd class... the day after chemo #5- eek! It went very well and I adore how I feel during and after.

Last week, my first class, the instructor could not believe that I'd never done yoga before... it comes naturally I guess. *shrugs*
My range of motion just 3-1/2 months out of the mastectomy/tramflap surgery is fantastic. My biggest problem is the extra weight during chemo, particularly in my thighs & bum!! *laughs* Aside from that, I am able to move and flex just as well as I could before the surgery...

Just wanted to offer a ray of light to those who have more recently had Trams or may be considering them!

Be well all!
Marty & Babette the Yoga Boob.

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Hi Marty (& Babette) I am starting Yoga this week. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation ... and Tamoxifen. I was left very stiff and very fat. I have since started feeling much better and have regain most of my flexibility but my weight has stayed right up there. I was told that the Yoga will help strengthen muscles and my mind. Keep up the good humor! Jamie

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