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Remifemen..who has taken it and does it work?

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Thank you for your responses below regarding hot flashes. What about Reminfemen? Does it work and how quickly do you feel relief?

Love and hugs to all!

Mel in AR

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Hi Mel,
I took the remifemen and it didn't really help me, but everyone is different.I was on it for about 4 months and didn't see any change.Hope it does help you. Let us know.
God Bless

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Hi Mel
I took the Remifemen and it did not help at all. The ingredient that is supposed to help with thte flashes is once again Black Cohosh ... but it's a low amount ... 40mg or so. I have mentioned that I took it in 500 mg doses twice a day and it worked great. Plus ... Remifemen is rather expensive ($15?) and the Black Cohosh I bought at the drug store and even at Walmart was around $6.00. If your Onc doesn't mind the plant estrogen I would suggest the Black Cohosh vs. the Remifemen (read the box). Good luck. Jamie

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Thanks for the info. Actually, I have been scouting around for new ideas for hot flashes and saw that Black Cohosh has been approved for breast cancer patients. But..my onco is against ANY form of estrogen. Therefore, I saw on the Internet and small study was done using Nuerontin (a migraine and anit-seizure med) and that patients received quick and extremely positive results. Out of 15 women, 2 patients said that the flashes were gone by the 2nd day. My onco has called in a script for this and I will start at 100 mg daily at bedtime and work up to 300mg daily. I asked her nurse if any of her patients had tried this and she said "none that she knew of". Maybe this is just a shot in the dark but I am to the point that I will try anything. The hot flashes are disabling for me.

Bless you and I'll keep you posted.


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Hi Mel,
Reminfemen is a plant estrogen and seeks out the same recepter sites as Tamoxifen so that is also a consideration. Plus the fact that it is costly at $17 when you can use stronger strengths of Black Cohosh. It also depends if your BC was estrogen sensitive. Bellerspas is working for me and I am very grateful. Hang in there. Hugs, Iris

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