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Help! We feel so alone

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Please,I'm a new member.My Beautiful 75 year old Mom has stomach cancer.She had surgery on Feb.4,2002 the tumor was diagnosed as adenocarcinoma.She had her stomach completely removed and resectioned,she had radiation that was finished in July,and she just finished the chemo,the first week of Oct.The tests and the endoscopy have come back good.At the time of surgery she had a j-tube put into her,which we use for her feedings at night.She had her esophagus dilated twice,but she can only eat and drink a small amount.For the past 3 weeks she has been having cramps and gas pains and the dry heaves off and on,it's like it was when she was having her treatments.Is there any one who could HELP US? We would love to hear and talk to anyone who has been through all of this kind of stuff.We feel so alone and scared.Thanks for taking the time to read this,and I hope and pray that you are all doing well.

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Your not alone. My 68 year old mother just found out she had stomache cancer not even 2 weeks ago. We are all in a state of shock and denial. They are taking her to surgery tomorrow morning, but the doctor told me that he thought it had spread to much, so he may not even perform the surgery-he may only put in a stent (?) so that food can go from her stomache to her intestines so that she can live a few months comfortably. How can this happen?! We were all happy, making christmas plans, and now we are writing wills??? Life just doesn't seems fair. I don't have anything to say to help you, except keep the faith, and make the time our mothers have left a celebration of their life. Stay strong.

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hi you are not alone. my dad was diagnosed at 54 with stomach cancer(stage 11)2001-he had surgery with chemo and radiation and everything has been clear since.i was naive enough to put it in the back of mind like it never happened bcause my dad seemed to feel great. his last scan showed two small masses outside of stomach and i am so shocked back into reality.he had a biopsy last week and we will hear back next week.i am blessed with wonderful husband and two healthy children but i feel like i am slipping into a deep depression like i cant get air--my dad is the love of my life and i cant deal with the prospect of ever losing him.your mother i am sure is strong and i must admit my first thoughts when i read your entry were "that would be a whole 20 more yrs with my dad" however i know that what ever time we have or age that our loved ones are--no one can ever prepare you for the worry and grief that you feel.i dont know about you but this is my worst nightmare come true. i know that enivitably we are supposed to lose our parents--I JUST ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN MANY MANY YEARS AHEAD.

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