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Recurring Dysplasia

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Hi, I am 29 years old. I have an 8 year old daughter and am about to be married in 4 months. I received my first abnormal pap smear when I was 22 years old. I then had laser surgery done to remove the dysplasia. The next pap was abnormal again. Over the next 7 years I had pap smears every 3 months following another procedure. I only had 2 paps that were normal in that entire time. I've had cryo's, laser and a couple of LEEP's done. I moved to another state and began treatment with another doctor this year. My pap smear in January showed abnormal again. Over the 7 years I've had CIN 1, 2, and 3 at different times. My doctor performed a cryo on me at that time. About 2 weeks after the surgery, I began to bleed very heavily and my blood pressure rose very high. They were able to stop the bleeding and then put me on medication to heal the cervix. I then had my repeat pap in June. It again showed abnormal. I was scheduled for a colpo and biopsy in July. When I went in, my cervix was still not healed from the cryo and they were unable to perform the colpo. They put me on a different medication and had me come back in 8 weeks for another pap. I went back in September and of course the pap showed abnormal. I went in for the colpo and biopsy in October and at the same time my doctor took another pap and ran an HPV test on that pap. A week later the biopsy came back normal. They told me to come back in a month to check on the biopsy healing and then I would have another pap in 3 months. Well, a week later the doctor called back. My pap showed abnormal again and the HPV showed I was type 18, which is very high risk for developing invasive cancer. I then went in last Tuesday for another LEEP. He felt that the abnormality may be higher up in the canal then they have removed in prior leeps, which may explain why the biopsy shows normal, but the paps keep showing abnormal. I am now waiting for those results and I'm very scared. I want another child, but more than that I want to be around for my daughter I know have. Has any body been through a similar situation where you can't seem to ever get a normal pap smear? Thanks!

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I had recurring displasia like you did but I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent laser surgery. By the date of the posting you are now married? This is a discussion you need to have with your husband. A friend of mine had recurring displasias for 15 years and durring that time she had four children. She finally got fed up with the whole scene and had a hysterectomy. Her husband was furious that she did it without talking to him. She divorced 2 years after the hysterectomy and is now married to a wonderful guy. They're both in their late 30's and are enjoying life (she was 15 when she first married). Her last two kids, his last one, and their child through adoption will be "out of the nest" in the next 5 years. He thanks God every day that she had the hysterectomy and they're going to spent the rest of their lives together. He lost his mother to Cervical Cancer and remembers the misery his father felt because he left the decision up to her.
I have an 18 year old Son and wish that I would have had the hysterectomy instead of the laser surgery. I was a single mom in my mid 20's and the doctor refused to give me a hysterectomy. But I didn't want any more children. It's a hard decision that should involve you husband, family-mother, your doctor and best friends. Good luck.

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I had four or five conizations and several LEEPS. (I wanted a child so my oncologist was being conservative in tissue removal, for which I am grateful. Please see a gynecologic oncologist if you aren't already.) I too could not get a normal pap smear. I asked my uncle, a pathologist and he explained how cells that have been "manipulated" (scraped, frozen, lasered)are not going to look like normal cells and that I might never have a "normal" smear result...and I didn't until after my radical hysterectomy. The best thing you can do is try not to panic each time you go in. Your mind has great control over how your body heals itself. A good gynecologic oncologist will hopefully remove your abnormal cells and keep you fertile. I was told I had lost too much of my cervix to ever get pregnant or carry a child to term. My miracle son is now TEN :) Pray, believe, be hopeful and never be afraid to seek more opinions. Hugs to you!

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