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10 nodes POSITIVE

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I am 32 years old and was diag. with ductal carcinoma I had invassive in my left breast and DCIS in my right had them take both breast. Started Chemo Aug 31 and have had 5 treatments of A and C CHEMO and am going to be on Tomoxifen for 5 years( I am not sure if that is how it is spelt) any way is there any one out there that has had any where near the amount of nodes I have had to test positive all other test show no signs in my liver, lungs at this time.. I go to Vanderbilt cancer clinic in Nashville, TN I am trying to locate others for support I know my chances are 65 to 75 % returning at leat that is their percentage only God knows what my chances are but at this time I feel alone. Please email me at hsalley@selkirkint.com
May God give us ALL strength

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Hi, u didn't leave a name but I am encouraged by the 'Ihavefaith' because along w/ chemo,radiation,surgery and meds like Tamoxifen faith is what it takes! I'm 41 now, praise God, I was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago w/ breast cancer ER+PR+HER2NU w/ 13 out of 27+ lymph nodes. My advice, look to God for strength, keep your focus on what he wants from you, keep a positive attitude(u can see all this on my web pg in more detail) and don't look at the %'s. We're all going to die, you've just been awakened to that fact, take advantage of it. Your days were #'ed before the diagnoses, they r still #'ed and the # didn't change. Be thankful u were'nt a victim of the sniper or in the twin towers. You see my point? We are only promised today now u r aware of it so make the most of every day! You've gotten through the worst part, the adriamycin, in my opinion. AND all other tests are clear sounds to me like your in good shape! Keep praying and I'll keep u in my prayers. God bless, Hummingbyrd

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Hi there. Where in Tenn are you I also live in Tenn about 32 miles from Nashville. Would like to talk My e-mail address is evansj22@bellsouth.net. E-mail me anytime. Judy

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Dear Ihavefaith,
You are not alone. Your case is almost the same as mine. Two years ago, I was diag with ductal carcinoma, invassive in left breast and DCIS in the Right. I also had both removed, went through 4 treatments of A&C,then the surgery, then 4 treatments of taxol and 35 rads treatments. I am also on tamoxifen for 5 years. Just to make you laugh a little, on top of all this. the day of the surgery I slipped and fell off one step in my house, and broke my ankle in 3 places. Talk about taking your mind off things. But on the overall, everything is fine. Life goes on, we must keep the faith in the Lord. Think positive and smile a lot. and treasure each moment that we have. If you ever want to talk. My email address is: hotred52@aol.com, or you can reach me here. Chin up!!!

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