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my 6 month tests are cancer free

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hi all im doing good i haven't posted in awhile. but im off all medication now. and so far my tests are cancer free. 2nd stage b/c one node infected had chemo and rad.
hi to all the lovely women that responded when i was confused love you all

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Wonderful. It's a good feeling YES? I had my 1 year clear last month ... I am beginning to forget all the fear and worry. I feel much stronger for going through it all and am trying to help women who just start out to feel more secure. Well ... Congrates!!!! eep up the good work! Jamie

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YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Have a GREAT weekend! God bless, Cyndi

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Joined: May 2002

thanks mears and nasa
you have responded to my sure and unsure moments god bless you kathy

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Congradulations I know that is wonderful news. GOD BLESS

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Wonderful news and encouraging to hear. Hugs,P

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Hi Katabo,
Praise the Lord what great news. Happy to hear from you and I am so glad you are doing well.Keep us posted on how you are doing
God Bless

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