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rectal, chemo,radiation need help Please reply DONT

Posts: 3
Joined: Oct 2002

DONT, Do you have an email address? I would like to talk to you on a more personal level. I have some more questions. I am very concerned about the radiation treatments. Please respond thanks

Posts: 16
Joined: Mar 2001

I went through it all - 61/2 yrs. ago. Want to visit? My email: bergy_1999@yahoo.com.

Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2002

You went through this 6yrs. ago?how are you doing now?will have to check out your site,thanks for responding.

Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2002

my e-mail address is harrisfamily@excite.com

Posts: 2
Joined: Jan 2003

I have just finished treatments in july waiting for biopsy in february...

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