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Breast Lift

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After two lumpectomies and a sentinel node biopsy my right breast is definitely perkier than the left. My port is on the left side and I am considering having my left breast lifted whenever I have my port removed next summer. Wondering if any of you have had a breast lifted to match the other one. Most of the discussions are about reconstruction, but I wonder if any of you have had any experience with a lift. I hate having one breast high and the other low. I am grateful to still have my breast, but feel that I would like them to be even. All advice appreciated.

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I have not had a lift but I am thinking the same thing yu are. I am large breasted and had a lumpectomy on the right breast. I also think the radiation firmed it up. So ... the right is nice but they are both too big and now I'm contiplating a breast reduction. I am going to ask my Oncologist what he thinks next time I see him. Let me know what you decide ... I think we should take care of ourselves and make ourselves feel good. I know when I feel good I am a much better person to everyone around me. Maybe that's selfish. Anyway good luck ... I like the idea. Jamie

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Hi Paulette,

Boy, can I relate to this. My tumor was removed right about the nipple so I got quite a lift and I'm large breasted. Now, however, same breast is very swollen from rads and very heavy with edema so I definitely don't match. I don't think I'll probably do anything about it, but hey, why not? If it will make you happy - go for it!
To me, it's a very similar situation to those that decide to have reconstruction and those that don't. Peace - Diane

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Hi...I didn't have to have a lift, but my oncologist did tell me that if they are not symmetrical after the cancer surgery, it is now a law that insurance HAS to pay for the lift. I wish you well! Cyndi

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Although my right breast was always a bit fuller than the left, the lumpectomy was on the left - then radiation firmed it up so the firmer smaller left and the flabbier somewhat larger right even themselves out it seems when I put a bra on. No one is identical even before cancer surgery.

There is always something a person could fix given the time and money but each operation is another assault on one's body so why add elective surgery to necessary surgery - just my thought on the subject.


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