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New Car

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Dear all.

A happy letter for a change from me. My dearest hubby John has bought me a new car as I was having problems getting in & out of our normal car. It is a 4WD Nissan that I just slide in & out of. LOvely isn't he? What a treasure. Also on 5 radiation big zaps for big new tumour in hip joint. Hope this helps mobility as I am now using a cane & wheelchair. Am coming to end of cycle 2 of 6 of Xeloda. Coping well with minimal side effects.

Lovely spring day here "down under". Love & hugs to everyone.


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Happy new car!!!! Best wishes with the rest of treatment. Keep that guy around!!! God bless, Cyndi

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I got a new car(actually used, but new to me) this summer just before I began my daily drive to and from my seven weeks of radiation and it was soooo nice to have the perk of a new vehicle. It is a 99 Lexus and I have never driven such a smooth driving car. We need a boost of one kind or the other many times during treatment. God is good to provide us with these gifts and the dear family members who often make them possible. Happy driving and good luck.
Hugs, Paulette

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Hi Pam! What a thoughtful gift to such a deserving lady! Our thanx to your treasure, John! -Geral

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Dear Pam:
Congrats on new car! Don't we both have beautiful husbands?! Mine bought me an SUV which is so much easier to get in and out of so I don't dread going places now. Only people with painful backs or hips or knees can understand what we mean. God bless you.
Love and hugs, Brenda

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Hi Pam
Congrats on the new car! What a wonderful hubby! You are often in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear how well you are doing. Ahh,New Zealand in the spring time...how nice! Wish I was there again!
Love, Jayne

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Joined: Nov 2001

Hi Pam,
So good to hear from you.Your hubby sounds like a gem, as my Mom used to say he is a keeper LOL.My hubby got me a new car this spring and I love it.You sound great.You are in my thoughts and prayers . Enjoy your new car and keep in touch.
God Bless

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Hi Pam,
So nice to read your 'happy letter' - enjoy that car and the weather. Liked to read your comment:"Coping well with minimal side effects." I remember that you were pretty worried about xeloda - may it be just what you need!

Love, Jean

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Pam, How exciting!!! My youngest son had a leased chrysler town and country for awhile and I loved that car because I could get in and out so easy. These little jelly bean cars are so close to the ground that we must "fold over" to get in and out...Good to hear you are experiencing few side effects from the new drug. Glad your NZ is showing off with spring like weather, it is cold and dreary here in MO/KS. Lots of love to you, Nancy. PS. Jean and Pam, send your email again. My grandson and I have been sharing a modem and with all the plugging and unplugging, I lost my address book!!! With the moving, I lost my paper back up, here somewhere but I can't find it. Miss you both, Nan

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Posts: 407
Joined: Sep 2000

DEar Nancy
E-mail address is triggsfam@xtra.co.nz.
Any one else is free to write to me privately if they want. I love my correspindence group. Keeps me going now geting out is so hard.Feel free to ask what you wqant. Been there/done that for most of the cancer treatments & just love dishing out advice. Just a born busy body is me.
Love & hugs


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What a sweet husband!! Of course, I know you deserve it! Enjoy your new ride and the beautiful weather. Hope the rads help.

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Hi Pam,

I am so glad to hear from you. Congratulations on the new car! No one really understands how difficult it can be to get in and out of a car and with doctor's appointments, treatments and tests it is impossible to avoid vehicles. My aunt and uncle brought a lift chair to me last month. I didn't really want it as I felt that it would make me think of the negative as far as how my mobility has declined. However, now that it is here I love it and it really helps me to be more mobile and less dependent. It is like a motorized recliner that not only goes back, but will literally stand me into an upright position to get out of it. I find that my husband and I are fighting to use it on a regular basis.

Keep up the fight! YOu are an inspiration!

Much love, hugs, and prayers,


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Wheeee! Yes, Pam, he's a gem... that's why he deserves you! *grin* You are both very lucky.
So glad to hear the Xeloda is treating you well. I've been thinking of you often and sending you good "stuff"!
Have you come across any new "alternatives" lately?
Be well Pam, go take a nice, deep breath of fresh spring in for me, eh?
Marty in Michigan

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What a GREAT message! Glad to hear you are coping well with Xeloda! Your husband is a SUPER guy! Enjoy the new car! Lucky you (having the car and the loving husband)!!!
YOu are in my prayers! Love, Maggs

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