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recurrence:neck lump

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I was first diagnosed in 1997 with large cell, aggressive. Chemo involved CVP. Successful in slowing growth considerably. Wait and see regimen since then.
2 months ago a lump appeared on my neck after exposure to driveway pavement cleaner. It popped up overnight. Is golf ball sized now. Biopsy revealed no transformation to large cell aggressive.
My oncologist just set an appointment for 4 months from now. the lump continues to grow.
Questions I could use help with:
1. should I get a second opinion on whether I should be entering some kind of treatment?
2. I have increased exercise by swimming. Is the chlorine a risk?
3. I have gone on a brown rice, no dairy, no meat or poultry diet with lots of raw fruits and vegs, tofu and fish. Is this advisable?

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Hi Kirley,

I'm confused. You say that you were diagnosed with large cell, aggressive NHL. You also say that the growth was "slowed." You THEN say that the biopsy said that it did NOT transform INTO large cell aggressive.

What was it transforming from, if not large cell, aggressive? Did you have mixed indolent AND aggressive to begin with? If so, not treating it is how indolent NHL is treated, unless there is organ involvement or it is causing some serious problems.

If you were never diagnosed with anything other than large cell, aggressive, I would definitely get another opinion, because aggressive NHL should always be treated. Indolent NHL should be treated as little as possible.

I don't know about chlorine, but your diet sounds very healthy. I don't know if it will help, but it certainly shouldn't hurt. Have you gone macrobiotic?


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I was diagnosed in 96',sm cell,low-grade. Chemo and cvp,rituxan and then Zevelin. I wouldn't have the lump removed until it annoys you. Lymph nodes rise and fall which is the nature of lymphoma. If I were you I would investigate the possible use of Zevelin and Rituxan. In clinical trials it had an 80% overall response rate. I wouldn't get a second opinion. Exercise is great and I do not think you are at any risk with pool chlorine. The diet sounds great-keep up with it, it certainly will enhance your immune system and keep your healthy. If the lump grows to be uncomfortable or impinges on any organs that is when they usually remove it, otherwise, why bother...they often grow back. Good luck in your decision making process. peace and light, Lauren Stone

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If Kirley had only low-grade NHL, I would agree with Lauren about not needing a second opinion. However, aggressive lymphoma can be very dangerous in a very short amount of time. Since Kirley has a history of aggressive NHL, and is concerned about the treatment, a second opinion wouldn't hurt and may ease Kirley's mind. I believe that most insurance companies cover second opinions.


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