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rectal, chemo,radiation need help

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I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in august of 2002, I underwent surgery on sept 4, 2002 and was lucky that i had enough colon to resection the colon. I had a very low resection, about 2 inches from the anus. My surgey was successful in that the small tumor plus surrounding good tissue was removed. My cancer did not penatrate the first wall. All 14 of the nodes were taken out and out the 14 only one had a micro spec of cancer. I went to an onocology doctor and
he suggested chemo 5fu and levcovin (probably not spelled correctly) I decided
to have the chemo, but when i went back to see him, i was sitting in the chemo office, when he came in and said we need to regroup.
He suggested I see a radiologist. I have not seen the rediologist yet, but I am having second thoughts about everything.
the Doctor told me my resection was under the 9 centimeter line of the body. It was at 4 and the blood flow to the nodes was different, that is why he is suggesting radiation. I am confused and really have lost faith in the onocologist. I have a 70 % chance of cancer coming back if i do nothing. What do I do now?

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I'm revising this for my sister who is cmjohnson. On her original message she ended it with saying she has a 70% chance of coming back. She meant 70% chance of it not coming back. Thanks Candy

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I too had nearly the same cancer location, and affected 3 nodes out of 7 removed.Like yourself,I was fortunate to have a resection without colostomy.
The treatment after surgery was 5fu daily for 1 week,then 3 weeks with nothing,for a total of 6 sessions.
After the fifth month,I had daily radiation treatments,except for weekends, for an entire month. During this month I also was also given continuous infusion of the 5fu via a portacath implant.The worst part of the entire treatment was the implant of the potacath.
Please understand that I would not have done anything less!! The "insurance" of the radiation was worth it all.I worked every day,and was able to drive myself to all of the treatments.
It has been 2 years and 4 months and no cancer! I am sure I made the right choice!

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dont. I have developed some serious arthritis in my lower back. Just curious because your treatments were almost identical to mine.

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I am replying to your note and hope this information will help you. I discovered I had colon rectal cancer in 2000. My tumor was located right at the opening of the anus. What I have gone through I wish mine was 4 in. away. I had to go through radiation and chemo before my surgery. Chemo was once a week, and radiation was five days a week for 6 weeks. After my surgery I still had to go through chemo for 6 months once a week. I have a clostomy. You might think this is bad, well I am telling you that it is not. I am alive. This May will be three years without any trace of cancer. The first two years I went to see my surgeon once a month. Now I go see her every three months. I visit my oncologist every two months. I visit the oncolgist nurse every month to flush my portacap. To me all this is good because I am blessed and alive. Don't hesitate to follow up on your treatment. Don't let that 30% chance of your cancer returning hold you hostage. My doctor told me I am 99% cured. I pray for good continued health and knowledge for my doctor and all of the oncologist that have helped me. I am saying to you, believe in GOD and your doctors and you can't go wrong. Good luck and health.

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