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tamoxifen and healing

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Hi all....I have a good friend who is also a breast cancer survivor. She had a tumor removed from her wrist in July (totally unrelated to the cancer, and not malignant). They had to take a little of the bone out, and packed it with calcium and said it would heal over. The problem is that it hasn't healed over yet. She was wondering if tamoxifen has anything to do with not healing as quickly. So, I told her I'd get on the message board and see if anyone else has ever had anything like this happen....any problems with healing on tamoxifen? Thanks ladies. God bless, Cyndi

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Hi Cyndi,
I have never heard of the tamoxifen causing this but did she have chemo before? My onco said some ppl never quite recover and heal as quickly after they have had chemo. I will ask my onco on the tamoxifen when I go next week for you. Tell her she is in my thoughts and prayers!!

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I was already taking tamoxifan when I went for a bilateral mastectomy and immediated reconstruction. It was a pretty major surgery and I had absolutely no problems healing. Thats just my experience. Hope your friend is better soon

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