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Clear Cell Carcinoma

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I completed my 6 cycles of chemo 6 mos ago and would love to hear from anyone that has been dx'd with Clear Cell, I've been told that it's rare and agressive. On 19 Dec 01, they removed a 20cm grade tumor, stage 1a, grade-3. I would really like to hear from survivors that had this type or any other agressive form of cancer.

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I had a Stage I-C/II-C grade 3 tumor removed along with my ovary 12/7/01 and completed 4 cycles of chemo. There are clear cell survivors who post on www.ovca.net

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I was diagnosed with clear cell, stage II, on Aug. 7, 2001 at age 45. I had a hysterectomy and began chemo. I normalized after 2 rounds of chemo and decided that 3 more would be enough. So far, so good! I am going in for a 4 mo. check up in a couple of weeks. I' d like to hear more about you!


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