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Clear Cell Carcinoma

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I completed my 6 cycles of chemo 6 mos ago and would love to hear from anyone that has been dx'd with Clear Cell, I've been told that it's rare and agressive. On 19 Dec 01, they removed a 20cm grade tumor, stage 1a, grade-3. I would really like to hear from survivors that had this type or any other agressive form of cancer.

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I had a Stage I-C/II-C grade 3 tumor removed along with my ovary 12/7/01 and completed 4 cycles of chemo. There are clear cell survivors who post on www.ovca.net

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I was diagnosed with clear cell, stage II, on Aug. 7, 2001 at age 45. I had a hysterectomy and began chemo. I normalized after 2 rounds of chemo and decided that 3 more would be enough. So far, so good! I am going in for a 4 mo. check up in a couple of weeks. I' d like to hear more about you!


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well I will get the hang of this in a minute. My daughter was recently diagnosed with stage one clear-cell carcinoma of her ovary. Her lymph nodes appeared to be clear but they are still giving her chemo. Four rounds. It is very rencouraging to hear of other stories that have not had any reoccurrence

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Simplicity, I see the ladies above have not been on the board since 2009 and 2008 so I don't think they will reply.  I hope some of the other ladies come along to chime in.

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Hi Simplicity. I to am fighting clear cell as is a lady I know in town. We both have had reoccurrence. At this time I am still fighting my reoccurrence. However the lady here in town has made it through treatment and healing from the treatment and even taken a trip out of state to bird watch.  

 The thing to take out of this is even if the cancer does come back you can fight it and win again. I am looking forwards to being one of the winners again. Smile for I am not going to let cancer win. 

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