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I am 14 and my grandmother has cancer

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My grandmother has cancer and i haven't seen her for like 2 weeks. i saw her today and she lokks nothing like what she did. i'm trying to treat her like i used to but its hard because she dosn't look like she used to and she is really sick and not her self. i was wondering if anybody else went through this and if they did what did you do?

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Your grandmother isn't the way she used to be, and it's ok not to act as if she were. It's really frightening to watch someone sick with cancer, even if you're a lot older than 14. And with cancer, there isn't really anything you can do, which makes everything feel worse.
For suggestions about what to do...Tell her how much you love her. If "not her self" means that she's not very nice, you might find that it's easier just to sit in the same room with her instead of trying to talk with her or do anything. Believe me, it's comforting just to have someone present.
For yourself...you need to find a friend to talk to about your feelings. The friend can be an adult, too, if none of the friends your age can deal with it (which wouldn't be surprising). Is there anyone you can talk to about how you feel? An aunt or uncle? Your mother or father? A teacher? I talked with my aunt a lot while my mother was dying.
It is hard, and my heart goes out to you.

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thanks that whats everyone else told me too. its good to hear it again though.

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