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How do you support?

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My Spouse Cancer Survior
How do you support your spouse when acts like a 2 year old?

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I totally understand your problem. I had finally resorted to tough tough tough love. I started treating him like I would a two year old. If this is the way you want our life to be then find it is in your hands. Use reverse physology (sp) I now it is very frustrating on your part. I pray alot too. Have you tried for yourself to exercise, go for walks. It also helps to go to a caregivers class offered by any ACS. Put the monkey back on his back. I know this sounds very cruel but you have to do it before your health gets bad or you go crazy. Alot of times I would just leave him alone for a couple of days to think about things and let him try to come back to the adult world. It is hard and that is why they call it tough love. If you want to talk any more email me at this address or mktgintl@inlandnet.net. Thanks, Candy

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Im right there with you, My husband who is diognosed with colon cancer 3 times decided to stay in bed for more then 2 days. I typed him up a resigntion and explained that if this is what he wants that was fine I would take care of things. It was amazing he got his a-- right out of that bed cut and edged our lawn then edged the neighbors lawn as well. Needless to say he has not been in bed for more then 7 hours since but at least he is living life.

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How do you keep the strength to do all that needs to be done? Sometimes I just want to run away from it all. It is hard to always be the trong one.

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I came here tonight to find the same answer. I think we just have to take one step at a time.

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I'm brand new to chat rooms.
I also am a Christian and strongly believe in prayer.
My wife has nsc adenocarcinoma.
They have removed her upper left lung and a lymph node on the aorto pulmonary artery and treated her with chemo. She started radiation on a second lymph node last week.
She does not want to go to any support groups. She does not want counseling.
Her family (brother, sister, children) are out of town.
I want to be supportive. She is getting more upset about smaller and smaller things.
She states that I've got a problem and wants me out of the house.
Any ideas?

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