Castration as treatment

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Does anyone have any input on dealing with this procedure. My Dad is having this procedure done on Monday- after almost a year - with a RP,radiation, and increasing PSA. He has opted for this over the Lupron, after careful study and recommendation by his Drs. Wondering what to expect.


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    Hi Mark,
    I hope you have good luck getting a responce from this site.
    How old is your Dad? My husband has been on the lupron for 2 1/2 yrs. He lost his sex drive. and gained some weight, but he is still alive, and that is enough for me.
    He also has rp, took all the harmone therapy that was available, and radiation, had chemo,got an infection and had to stop the chemo, so now--- well we just take one day at a time and pray for a miracle, My hubby is 65, and is feeling ok most of the time. Sorry I didn't check this site to answer your post before now. I think the surgery will have the same effect as the lupron as to what the Dr. has told us and have read about it. the lupron can be stopped and the side effects will go away, but the cancer will spread faster when it is stopped. so 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. hope this put you at ease some---Grandma