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Liver consult

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Hi dear friends,
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. God has blessed me greatly. My doctor said that my liver enzymes had gone down"dramatically" but they were still elevated, so she wants some more tests. So I am scheduled to give lots of blood (do I have any left?) and have some scans on my liver and spleen. She said my liver was enlarged (Just about everything on me is enlarged...haha..still trying to loose weight) Then she went into this talk about a liver biopsy. Didn't sound too bad until she started talking about all the side effects. I almost wanted to laugh because if the cancer doesn't get you...all the tests will! She talked about possible punctured lungs, ruptured gall bladder, internal bleeding. My, my, my...isn't life interesting? Anyway, the biopsy is only if the tests come back negative and the enzymes don't go down. I asked about Tamoxifen causing elevated enzymes and she said yes, but she didn't seem to think it was responsible. I read on the med insert that it does cause the elevations and also an enlarged and fatty liver (both of which the CAT scan confirms). I don't know what kind of nuclear med scan I will be receiving on the liver and spleen or when, but I'll keep you posted. Thank you so much for holding me up in prayer. My strength and hope is in my Lord for He is an awesome God. He has brought me through so much. Hugs to you all.
Love, Jayne

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Hi Jayne,

So glad to hear your liver enzymes have gone down. We will be praying that they continue to do so. Don't you just love all the "negative" things they tell you about a biopsy?! Guess they have to tell you in case something goes wrong. I remember my lung biopsy and all the "what ifs". You will do well. Good to know about this side effect of tamoxifen. I don't believe my oncologist covered this one!

You take care and keep us posted. You are in my prayers daily.

God Bless,

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Just a thought from me, Jayne.....

Before I would have all those tests, I, personally, would discuss going off the tamoxifen for a month or two and see what happens, How long have you been taking it? The first trials were two years and then they decided to go for five. Since I started I've thought of not going the whole five years. I have one year down as of Sept. 27.

Will keep you in my thoughts and hope for good news. Thanks for keeping us informed. I, for one, like to know how people are doing and it helps all of us with the information, too.

Hugs and prayers, Jean

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Thanks so much for letting us in on all you have been going through. Your amazing attitude does so much here. Best of luck with all the tests and your amazing faith will get you through it all. I'll be thinking of you,

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I agree w/ jean about taking a trial period off the Tamoxifene. They have new better drugs out now such as Aromosin that don't cause elevated liver enzymes. I'd really want to try that route especially if the did a CT scan and liver looked fine other than enlarged. There's my 2 cents. Prayers and hugs, you can never have to many of...Hummingbyrd

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Hi Jayne,
So glad to hear that your liver enzymes are down.Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!!I didn't know anything about the tamoxifen causing them to elevate or about the fatty liver. I have been on it for almost two years now with three more to go so I will be checking into that. Yes he is an awesome God and I will continue to remember you in prayer.Let us know how you are doing.
God Bless

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Dear Ladies,
Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. I will check into taking a break from the Tamoxifen and also to see if there is something else I can take in its place. I have been on it for almost one year (next month) Wow, I didn't even realize it'll be one year this month since chemo. Boy, time sure goes by quickly. It seemed to drag when I was bald, but now with a full head of hair again...Yippee, it's moving along like before! Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. I covet them and cherish them. God is so good. He's given me such a wonderful group of sisters.
May He bless you all.
Love, Jayne

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Hi Jayne...keep your hopes up....my sister-in-law was told she had a fatty liver from obesity...and, she's NOT that fat. So, lets hope it's something simple like that! I'll keep the prayers flowing for you. God bless, Cyndi

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