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Nervous about headaches

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Hi. It's been awhile since I've posted anything but I'm concerned. I'm 3 years out of stem cell transplant for advanced stage 3 breast cancer. Just got my cat scan back on chest, abdomen & pelvic (all clear thank God!) What I'm concerned about is I've had a dull headache & nausea, tired, for the past 2 1/2 wks. I wake up with it & go to bed at night with it. No, I'm not pregnant!
I went to the dr. & he wants me to have a brain scan but with my phone calls, he's certainly not too concerned about hurrying it along. Is there a bug going around I'm not aware of?

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Hi dear sister, there are so many reasons for headache it is unbelievable. I know how you feel thought, I have had cancer of the big toe, the hair and the lips. No kidding, it is a nightmare! But I am sure you will be just fine. Hugs, Shirlann

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Hi. Thanks for your encouraging words. I sure hope it's nothing. My mom's cancer went to her brain and even with all of the chemo I've had, I don't think the chemo goes to your brain or spine. My mom had to have a shunt put in her head for her chemo. I'll feel better after a cat scan. Have a good day!

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Hey I know what u mean every time I get a stomach ache or arthritis I'm calling friends to see what's going around. You may be having sinus headaches. Does it get worse when u bend over? Does it last all day? I'm a physician assistant so email me if you want to talk. I'm interested in your stem cell transplant? I'm stage 4 and always looking for something better. I'd like to know more about the transplant if u have time. Hope your headaches are nothing, ask for a bone scan too, especially if u have neck pain. God bless, Hummingbyrd.

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Hi & thanks for responding. I wake up with these headaches & they never stop. No, nothing makes it worse, nothing makes it better. The stem cell transplant was rough but I'm not sorry I had it. Actually, the transplants aren't being done for breast cancer patients at this time until some medical reports come out with statistics.
Statistics on whether or not transplant is any better than just having chemo. If you have any questions about it, ask away.
Thanks. Melody (Hagelgans)

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Hi I happen to have a headache right now too!!! I was stage 2 and worry a lot about all aches and pains. My Onc told me Breast Cancer tends to spread to large bones like hips etc. not so much the brain so that makes me less worried about headaches and more worried about the leg aches. Could be you have a bug ... sinus infection or even an ear infection. Hope you fell better soon ... Jamie

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It is normal for all of us to assume our aches might be "something" to worry about because, let's face it, our bodies have already failed us once. It is good that you requested attention for this with regards to your mother having had her unfortunate outcome. BUT worry and stress will Cause headaches. So will lack of proper rest, nutrition and weather changes.. I too had a brain scan, Nothing there...That should not be..LOL. I try not to be a hyperchondriac(sp?) and my doctor assures me that is not the case, it is good to check out a bothersome symptom, then we can either get the help we need, or QUIT worrying and stressing over our watchfulness of health.It could also be anemia? I hope they are a past problem for you by the time you read this... You, and all here are in my prayers. DEBBIE

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