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My 15 minutes of fame, GONE!

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Hi, sisters, well the segment on the "Early Show" that I told you all about I was going to be on has been bumped! It will be later on in the month but we are going on a cruise so I am not going to be on it. Sob sob, show-biz is so cruel! Hugs, Shirlann

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Sorry to hear that, but hey the cruise sounds like more fun! You'll get another chance one day. Hummingbyrd

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Hi Shirlann! Sorry you're not going to be on The Early Show. I was looking forward to seeing someone from our group on nat'l TV! Instead, you'll have to tell us all about your cruise! That would be very refreshing to hear. Bon Voyage! -Geral

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Darn!!!! Maybe next October....Have a great time on your cruise! Cyndi

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