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newest estrogen blocker Faslodex

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I started Faslodex July 5 2002. It's an injection in the butt once a month. I'm experiencing a lot of fatigue and a lot of weakness in my legs and arms. Is anyone else on this drug and are you having this problem? I asked my doctor about it and she said it's so new that there are only a few of her patients on it so she doesn't know. I would appreciate your comments. God bless Sylvia

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Don't know about Faslodex but sure GLAD to see you posting Sylvia! One of the old crowd from when I was having treatments. How are you doing in general?
Give us more details - love and prayers and hugs to you,

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So good to see your post!!!! Sorry to hear about the weakness. I have not heard of this drug. How are you otherwise? Jamie

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I'm w/ u girlfriend, 2 to the hip 9/24/02! That was my first treatment so I don't know if I will have any side effects or not. I can say I am a little less energetic than I was, but w/ school, 2 boys and being a single mom I don't know I can blame the shot. You can call 800-942-0424 and request a package insert. It will give u all the info they have on side effects,etc...It just hit the market in May this year so there may be a lot of unknowns at this time. Lord willing though it will be a good drug, at least till they come up w/ something better. God bless, Hummingbyrd

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I have amonth or two to decide whether to take Faaslodex or not. My tumor markers are going up and have been, on Tamoxifen and Femara. Does this drug permanently destroy all estrogen receptors in your body? Or is it only while you take it? DO you have any tumors that can be seen on scans, etc?

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