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Mammograms AFTER mastectomy

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Hi! I am a one year survivor. I had DCIS - no spread and no nodes involved. I had bi-lateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. At my annual check-up with both the surgeon and my GYN, neither said anything about having mammograms. I even thought I was through with them since there are no breast. At the BC lecture series I am attending, I learned that it is now being recommended that mastectomy patients (no reconstruction) have side view mammos annually. They would be looking at the lymph nodes and the chest wall. This is mainly being recommended for DCIS patients, since DCIS can not be felt like a lump can. No matter how good a surgeon is, sometimes small pieces of breast tissue remain, and where there is tissue, it is assumed that there are milk ducts. This is very contraversial. My GYN thinks it is a great idea, and one that makes sense. I am waiting to hear if the insurance company will approve it. We think they will since my DCIS was High-Grade (fast growing). Even if they do not, I am having the mammograms next week. I do not mind going into debt for Peace of Mind! Everyone wear those pink ribbons this month and encourage donations for research... new things are happening... detection is getting earlier and earlier... perhaps the cause and better cures are on the horizon! Love to all, Mary

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Hi, I do not have the same surgerys you had, but I am glad you decided to go for the mammogram, even if you have to pay yourself. I would do the same. Good luck and best wishes, god bless....Emmi

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I recently had a bilateral mastectomy. I had an infaltrating stage 1 cancer. I have discused follow up with every dr. I have seen I plan to go for sonograms Why not I did have reconstruction(implants) so I don't think a mommography will work. The doctors agrred with me and said there is no clear protocol at this point

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Hi. I, too, had bil mastectomies for DCIS 11/01. I opted for immediate reconstruction with implants and, in fact, was just officially released by my plastic surgeon today after having my tattoos 3 weeks ago. My onc surgeon also is wanting mammography next month to locate any remaining breast tissue and/or suspicious areas after high grade DCIS. I was surprised at the rec of doing mammography after implant reconstruction but all my MD's are in favor so that's what I'll do. Has anyone done this after their reconstruction? I'm not looking forward to it but if it will help I'm all for it. Thanks. Julie

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